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This is one of the best places for children and family photography in the UK, situated right at the heart of our capital - London city.
I have years and years of experience, plenty of success client stories and most importantly, I love what I do!

Amazing family portraits guaranteed


Hello, my name is Milla.

I am a children and family photographer London UK.

I have a talent for capturing those special moments with you and your loved ones at key occasions.

best family portrait photographer London

My speciality is a portrait photography and it includes:

children photography

family photography

baby photoshoot

newborn photography

maternity photography

children birthday party photography

I am a talented family photographer, who is known from my Magazine-style portraits. No matter what the occasion is, I always have a positive attitude that ultimately brings the photos to a whole new level. My clients have been returning to me for years, and basically say the same thing. So, whether your baby is crying or the weather is horrible outside, as it generally is here in Britain, I will always be there to keep you happy and comfortable.

I love what I do

Let me tell you why I love what I do!

Being one of the leading family photographers in London, I truly enjoy taking pictures that last a life-time. A family photographer is not only capable of capturing the perfect emotions between people, but also helps translate their love into the pictures. Ultimately, this is what I do! I have this talent and I am well recognised for it.
As a mommy myself, I know how quickly our little angels grow up fast. Every day presents new challenges and exciting opportunities. I used to take pictures with my daughter almost every week and it definitely paid off. You wouldn’t believe it, but with every single photo, I recollect a warm memory of me and my precious daughter. This is how I first fell in love with children and family photography. Only these types of pictures can do that and bring you to that state of mind.
Most importantly, our babies grow and change every day. This is also why I love being a family photographer.
I love capturing each phase of a child’s life, from newborn photography, to their first teeth, to their first birthday, and so on and so forth. I am here to help you make those moments into physical memories.
So when your babies grow up and leave for university, you’ll always have something special to hold on to.

My philosophy on children and family photography

My approach to my work is very clear. I treat photography like a love documentary. A photograph without any emotion present cannot possibly be a photograph. At least, not according to my standards. And trust me, my standards are very high when it comes to customer service and delivery high-quality photographs. By being the best, I deliver only the best.

Moreover, I believe that children and family photography is a wonderful experience that should be enjoyed to the maximum by my clients, and I am here to make that happen. Whatever request or need you may have, I am here to listen and help you get the result you want. Plus, with my personal touch on the way I work, and my strong dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service, I think the result will be anything but extraordinary!

Why am I one of the leading family photographer London UK?

Simple. Because my returning clients and new clients say so! My clients are always right and wonderful! Having already years of experience and success behind me as a family photographer in London, I have a strong clientele base here in London, who are more than willing to offer references.

Check my portfolio:

I place my clients and their wishes above all, and I am very willing to travel to their wonderful home or meet them anywhere they wish to create that memorable family portraits.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a family photographer in London and areas beyond.

Phone: +44 7453300251


Amazing family portraits guaranteed