How to photograph children

10 Tips for great children photography

Photographing children is a compelling and satisfactory work, but before receiving some outstanding results, it is necessary to study and to understand some technical aspects that can be very helpful during the photo session. So, what are the secrets for photographing children? Let’s discover together ten tips for a great children photography outcome!

  • Use natural light

There’s nothing better than natural light for a great photo session. With natural light you do not need artificial studio light or lamps, you will not need flashlights or instalments. Of course, you need to be careful regarding the position of the sun: is it sunset, dawn or midday? Each moment of the day has a different light and it can be used in different sets. 

  • Use props

Do not limit your photography to the subject and background. Through photography it is possible to tell a story, and to do so there’s nothing better than using some scene-objects! Therefore, pick up some original and funny props to use on the set when photographing children: they will make it a big adventure! 

  • Get down 

Well, children are on another level. So, get down and be at the same level. You will find another perspective and you will make them accustomed to the camera and at the same time they will trust you. 

  • Don’t make them smile… but let them talk

Children don’t smile because we tell them to do so. They need to be themselves also during photo sessions. So, ask them questions, make them feel comfortable, play with them and do not force them to pose or smile. The best results are the ones that come out naturally. 

  • Background

Of course, the subject is very important. And at the same time it is very important to choose the right background according to the scene that we want to capture. Keep it simple if you want to focus on the subject, or add some details if you want to tell a story

  • Moving subjects and continuous mode on

Children simply can’t stay still: they need to move; they need to play. No worries! Just be ready to capture with your camera these splendid and natural moments!

  • Composition

One of the most important aspects in all kinds of photography is composition. Also, for children photography is necessary to think about the composition. So, start with perspective and frame, then decide where to put your subject, i.e. according to the rule of thirds, off centre, or do you prefer a symmetric composition? In any case, with a bit of study and concentration, you will have a great result!

  • Expose the face

We already talked about light, now we recommend to use the right exposition especially for the face. It doesn’t matter if the background stays in the dark or in shadow, we want the face in brightness and splendour. 

  • Use post-production

Do not be afraid of post-production. As a tool, it has always been used through the history of photography: in the first days, modifying the film, and nowadays using Photoshop or Lightroom. Thus, the small details can be fixed during post-production.

  • Show yourself 

Do not ever forget that you are photographing children, so it is important to show yourself, to be at the same level and to become their friend!