A list of great ideas for the 1st birthday photoshoot

We need to admit it: they grow up so fast! Since the day they are born, our little darlings are discovering the world around them and start to analyse and learn everything that comes next to them. We look after them, we accompany them, we help them but we will always be surprised at how fast they grow up. In a blink of an eye, it is already their first birthday, so it’s time to celebrate!

If you are organising your baby’s 1st birthday you probably won’t have time to think about pictures and memories of it as well. That’s why we are here to help mums and dads to capture those wonderful moments with a 1st birthday photoshoot with Studio Milla.

1st birthday photoshoot london

If you are wondering what a one-year-old baby photoshoot looks like, do not worry, we will explain everything to you and we will also think about some ideas for the setting that you may like…

A baby photoshoot is something so delicate and important: it involves the little baby, the parents and a professional photographer who will be patient until the right moment to take the picture come in. At Studio Milla, we are devoted to baby photography because we think that our little darlings deserve the best, especially in the first months of their life. So, we studied and developed the best photography techniques not to disturb and not alarm your cutie. 

children's birthday party photography in London

1. Eating the cake

Well, we all know that the cake and smashing the cake is something that kids love and, above all, it is a fun moment which is worth to capture on camera! Of course, you can prepare a small cake before the party and the real one, and together we will realize a beautiful setting in which your baby will be free to play around… and to eat the cake of course!

2. C’ mon all the friends!

Well, maybe your baby is too young to have already met some true friends, but if there are little cousins, siblings or pet friends, they are more than welcomed to take part of the picture! 

3. The true protagonist

Of course, the true protagonist of the day is your baby, so let’s put the sweetie in full light, giving him or her all the attention that they deserve. 

4. Outside landscape

If it is good weather and there’s the possibility of walking in a quiet park or garden, there’s a great opportunity to have the 1st birthday photoshoot outside. In such a landscape, it is possible to play with the natural elements and let the baby discover the world around.

5. Balloons, bubbles and games

And of course, we are talking about a one-year-old baby photoshoot, so games of every kind are more than welcomed. They are mandatory, indeed!

children's birthday party photographer in London