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Are you at that age when everyone around you has something to do with baby photography London? Oh trust me, you are definitely not the only one experiencing that! The more and more I look at my friends’ photos, the more I question myself. Is it me or are we all getting a tad older? Before the baby photography London baby wave, there were two predecessors that already made quite the emotional stir online. The first time I thought to myself ‘God time passes so fast’ is when the engagement announcements started to come up online. Suddenly, I would see pictures with engagement rings and happy couples every other day on my feed. The next step was the Facebook status changes to ‘married’.

Just out of curiosity, how many did you count this year? My count is a twelve! Incredible right? Well, the latest trend on my Facebook feed is baby photography London. Everywhere I scroll, I am seeing incredibly cute pictures of newborns and their happy mommies and daddies. Sometimes, I see solely pictures, where you can tell that someone went for professional newborn photography west London. You know, where the baby posses alone sleeping in a basket for example. Today, there are so many things people do in terms of baby photography London. So much so, baby photography London starts even before the child is born. Let me explain what I mean.


Baby photography London usually starts when the baby is newly born.

beautiful baby photography London

Or so some people say. Well, I beg to differ. In my opinion, there is a new trend out there. Usually, expecting parents take more and more photos of baby bumps and everything prior to the birth itself. Have you ever thought of actual pregnancy announcements? Did you notice that the celebrities get a kick out of their celebrity announcement photos every time on Facebook or Instagram? Well, if you haven’t you will now! Announcing pregnancies has become the new trend for newborn photography north London. Just think for a slight second and scroll down your newsfeed. Moreover, I am sure one of your friends will have a funny way of announcing their pregnancy.

Perhaps, a subtle hint or reference to a new baby? There is much room for creativity when it comes to baby photography London. It’s really fun to play tricks on people with clever professional baby photography London. Moreover, the best part is, that you can make a deal with the professional photographer and participate in a newborn package. This can include documenting the gorgeous life of your child three times in his or her first year.

top newborn baby photography London

The first shoot can begin only a couple of days after birth. The next session would be at six months. The last session would be at the baby’s first year. But how about stretching newborn photography east London a bit further and start early! You can start all the way from announcing the pregnancy, to making amazing bump photography. Remember, these couple of months are extremely special! You should document them thoroughly.

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