Battersea Park family photography

End of August is literally the perfect time to organise a professional family photoshoot in one of London’s central parks. This is generally the time, when everyone is still on holiday somewhere over seas. Our amazing city tends to become less hectic and empty. With having everyone abroad or on vacation in August, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of London’s less crowded parks. Why not try the central Battersea Park and take amazing photographs of your children there? Battersea Park family photography is the best choice all over the year.

As you have probably noticed, south London has become a really fashionable place, with some neighbourhoods and street that really matter, such as Peckham and Clapham. However, there are also some iconic places, which come from the past, but still, they are a must see for many visitors and also a great place for a day off. As for example, the Battersea Park, one of the green areas of the city, a park that opened in 1858 and that has been renewed during the years. It now contains also a mini zoo for children, a playground area and it is used also for fun fairs.

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Battersea Park

So, where exactly is Battersea Park? Obviously, it’s located in the heart of our city. However, to be more precise, even though it’s central, it’s really located on the south-western side of London. Moreover, it’s on the southern side of the Thames River.

In comparison to Hyde Park, it’s not as big. Battersea Park is roughly 200 acres. Basically, it’s still pretty large in terms of size and space, but Hyde Park is bigger. It has many features, it is family-friendly and it has the boating lake which can be a great backdrop for family portraits. Definitely popular amongst Londoners and tourists alike.

Want to catch a break during lunch or just take some time to enjoy some beautiful woodlands, then Battersea Park is for you. You can access this park from 6:30 am, whether it be for your morning run. Lastly, the park closes at 10:30pm.

The boating lake

Apart from its stunning scenery and green views, one of our favourite features of Battersea Park is the amazing boating lake. Very similar to Hyde Park, you can rent boats and have a little boating trip across the lake. Maybe not the best idea if you’ve got very active children, as they may fall over. But the boating lake can be perfect for some family photoshoot with older kids.

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Riverside views

As mentioned before, Battersea Park lays directly beside the Thames River. As you can image, this brings lots of gorgeous riverside views. Moreover, you can enjoy London’s wonderful skyline. Great for sunset photos or even for professional headshots for your job. Still, be ready as it can get rather windy out there as a result of being so close to the river. We just love taking pictures on this promenade along the Thames River.

Peace pagoda and the Guinness Clock

Speaking of riverside features, one of them is the lovely Peace pagoda. You almost get a sense that you are somewhere in China. Great for romantic photos. Even for kids. However, I find the Guinness Clock more interesting to use for photography were children are involved. It definitely has a more playful theme than the Peace Pagoda.

Besides, the Guinness Clock almost looks magical and as if it belongs to a cartoon. You can definitely create silly and high energy shots with the clock! Plus, there are many more statues out there that you might find interesting.

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Great for children

Battersea Park is also an ideal place for a family strolling, plunging among nature, the beautiful trees and lawns of the park, walking around the lake and maybe playing some sports. Children can even enjoy more the visit at the park, thanks to the zoo created especially for little kids.

Did we mention that Battersea Park has a great playground for kids? Similar again to Hyde Park, you too can achieve high-energy photos with Battersea Park family photography. Your kids can run around freely with you. You can jump around, be silly if you want and you can have lots of colours in the background too.

Also, if you get tired, you can simply sit on a bench while you kids play with the others on the monkey bars or swings. Ideal place to relax, and as a parent.

Battersea Park Zoo

If you think your kids will get bored easily of the playground, why not take them to the Battersea Park Zoo. Here, the professional photographer can capture stunning interactive photos. Sometimes, people can get lucky as animals tend to interact with kids.

Capturing that special moment might create a lovely memory that can last a lifetime. The tickets are not too steep and the zoo has many interesting animals that will interest the little ones.

History of Battersea Park

Battersea Park originally opened in the year 1858 by her highness the Queen Victoria. Couple of years later, Battersea Park hosted the first ever football match. Incredible, right? In fact, it was known back in the day as a “park” for football games. It saw several important English matches back in the day.

By the time of the world wars, the park’s purpose was to store anti-aircraft guns and weapons. After the war, it became known for having pig farms and being a traditional park by the side of the city.

As you can imagine, Battersea Park can become the perfect background for a family photo shoot. Using the nature and lights of the park, your family photographer can take some enchanted pictures of you and your family. And of course, you can also have fun at the little zoo or on the boats on the lake, especially if you have children. So your photographer will capture that moments of perfect happiness and the joy that a day out with your family brings will be eternalised forever on film.

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Battersea Park, as many of the parks in London, will be perfect for a family photography session in summer as well as in winter, thanks to the atmosphere that both seasons can create. Well, yes, we can’t forget that in spring flowers are blossoming and that the fresh air of autumn will shake the last leaves of the trees. Well, as many parks in London, every season creates a magic atmosphere in Battersea Park, perfect to be used as a setting for your photos.

Lake, zoo, pagoda, or simply the trees: you can choose your background, your style, and just let yourself be natural with your family and the photographer will do the job: keep your memories and smiles on photographs.

Battersea Park family photography

A little curiosity, for all the music lovers, from the park it is possible to observe the Battersea Power Station, immortalized forever on the cover of Pink Floyd’s album, Animals, but also on many others albums and movies. So, if you are interested in arts, you can even choose to use as the background this iconic landmark of London.

A day off in Battersea Park with your children will bring you many surprises and good memories, so do not forget to ask your family photographer to come along with you and to capture the perfect moments in the park!

Make sure you look into Battersea Park family photography. Definitely worth capturing green moments before the autumn takes the full swing of things!