Mother baby photography is a wonderful opportunity to capture early motherly love.

I bet you have a favourite photo of your mom and yourself. Mother baby photography is so popular nowadays. Have you been reading my recent post? I talk about multiple celebrities who have engaged in mother baby photography. The most recent celebrity to organise professional mother baby photography is Serena Williams. She just gave birth very recently. Why don’t you check out my blog here: Mother and baby photography London . This way, you can find out more information on celebrity newborn photography.

In any case, mother baby photography is a thing today, so make sure your jump on this train too! Otherwise, you’ll be looking at your girlfriends’ mother baby photos hanging in their lofts. Especially, while you won’t have any hanging of your own. Therefore, my advice is start looking for a photographer now.

mother baby photography london


I have a friend who just found out that she is pregnant. First and foremost, big congrats to all new mommies and future mommies out there. Finding out that you are pregnant is a big thing and is definitely life changing. Literally! However, mother baby photography doesn’t start only after the birth of your child. It can start way before. The professional term for this type of photography is pregnancy or maternity photo shoot. So, why not think ahead and document how your belly grows. Then, you can see the full transition of you and your baby.


Sometimes, when I see a beautiful exemplar of mother baby photography, I get emotional.

best mother baby photography London

Then I start thinking whether I should make this decision as well. Just the process of documenting the pregnancy journey and that of motherhood, sounds exciting and loving at the same time. I envision myself looking back at the photos with a high sense of satisfaction and a smile of course. Maybe this is silly of me, but the right photo can definitely influence me. Has anyone ever felt the same way? Leave a comment!

Are you demanding?

Do you only look for the best photographer in the London area? Are you known for demanding only the best type of customer service and quality of photos? Good! If you have these tendencies, and really take care in the right approach, then listen up.

You should book a session via a boutique photography studio for your mother baby photography.

Why, you might ask? The answer is really easy. Usually the best photographers out there in London have their own boutique studios. Their work is so good, that they don’t need to work for any large photography agency. Therefore, they’ll have a cosy space and they work with a personalised touch. This means, that all their attention and time is dedicated only to you and your little baby.

Mass market

Sounds perfect, don’t you think? I can’t image going to a mass market professional photographer. Never in a million years will I get the same type of customer service. Especially, in comparison to the one from the boutique photography studio. These smaller studios generally specialise in a niche type of photography. Whether it be mother baby photography, children portraits or newborn photography. But always remember, with mass market, you won’t get a lot. Just like with everything else in life.


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