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Look no further. This search can take you on an endless journey that will waste your precious time. If you are on the search right now, I can tell you that the best portrait photographer come in the form of a reference. How do you think I get my amazing clients?

As a professional London portrait photographer, I come across various requests from my clients. These range from taking portraits, to professional headshots for business, to academic photos. You name it, I’ve seen it all and trust me, my clients don’t fail to surprise me! But one thing that I come across when I talk to my clients is that they always when it comes to findings the best portrait photographer. Of course – before they met me.

best portrait photographer London

Every single time we would speak about how they found me, it would always prove that references through friends nad previous clients do the trick. Therefore, if you are looking for a London lifestyle photographer or London portrait photographer, just ask your friends. They’ll most likely refer you to me if you are looking for the best option.

Types of photography I do

So, I do all types of photography. I adore portrait photography – for adults and children, family photography, lifestyle photography. Also, I love newborn photography, wedding and engagement photography. I do it all. Just take a sneak peak at my vast portfolio of photos. I am sure that you will be able to find something that sparks your interests. However, if you are only looking for portrait photography, let me share some tips with you.

Before any portrait photography sessions, make sure you get enough sleep. Since portraits are close ups, nothing pops up more on the photos than those dark puffy circles under the eyes. Also, try to avoid having any type of emotional instability or arguments with your spouse or relatives. Swollen eyes take some time to fix and I am afraid there is no over night solution. Although the best portrait photographer does know a trick or two.

best children portrait photographer London

Let me share one with you. If a situation like this one does occur, then go to your medicine cabinet and hope for the fact that you have piles cream at home. Piles cream, believe it or not, has an astounding effect of reducing swelling on the eyes. Top models and TV personalities are well aware of this trick. So, the next time you have a crisis prior to your portrait session and you have no clue what to do – not to worry. Piles cream is the answer if you are getting your professional headshot London.

Common advice of portrait photographers London

Another tip that might save your life is to obviously get enough sleep and drink lots of water two days before your shoot. This will smoothen your complexion as well as eliminate those dark circles. If you by any chance have any acne or spots, then apply some tooth paste or baby powder. An old trick that works as well. Otherwise, the best London portrait photographers can edit everything via Photoshop. Not to worry – I can do the same!

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