I just created a big family portrait with five generations in one snapshot!

Incredible, right? So this weekend, we had a gorgeous family gathering. You know, it’s one of those gatherings, where the whole family gets invited. Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If you have, then you know exactly what I am talking about. We celebrated my grandparents big 70th birthday. Yes, our generations had kids very- and I mean very young. So, therefore, my grandparents are quite young. Would you believe me, that I even have my great grandparents in that picture along with my daughter? Wonderful, right? Hence, the big family portrait. Who of you also has five generations still alive?
If you do, it’s the best time to hire a professional photographer and capture this precious moment. One day, you can boast to all your family members, that you’ve managed to capture this.

A big family portrait is important

You might wonder, why is it important that once captures that photo of your big family? I have only one answer to that. Life is so short and precious on this planet. You never know what will happen. Especially nowadays when times a bit rough. Therefore, you should also take this opportunity to spend more time with your family. Once you do this, why not capture this moment and keep it forever?

big family portrait London

I can tell you once again from my own experience. When I was little, roughly seven years old, my parents took a five-generation photo as well. Yes, you got it. I got to take a picture with my great-great grandmother. I treasure this picture like anything in the world! It’s one of those things the whole family like to see when we are all together. If you think about it, it’s not so common to have five generations on your photos. Even if you make it to three or two generations, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit family portrait. Especially, if you involved all your cousins, grandparents, etc. The toughest thing is to organize the meeting.

Keep in mind

As I said above, it’s tough to coordinate everyone to meet at one place and at the same time. Best to do this at one of those big family celebrations where people can’t get out of the invitation. This could be for example a wedding, a baptism, a diamond wedding celebration. Literally anything! My point is, that is it very difficult to turn down such an invitation. If you just say, hey let’s get together and make a photo, it won’t work. You know how difficult people are, especially if they are getting old.

Also, another thing to keep in mind while doing a big family portrait is the actual photo itself. My granddad had Alzheimer’s disease, and could barely stand up. It was tough on him to even be a part of the picture. You literally have maybe two or three clicks before everyone starts to complain or go sit down. Trust me, it’s so tough to coordinate older people. I find it much more difficult than the youngsters. Just keep these things in mind!