Admittedly, another has passed and here it came again. Today is my birthday! I am not going to into specific details in terms of age 😉 But I will however reveal some of my amazing birthday plans this year!

Do you want to know where I’ll be spending my birthday? Well, I can tell you, its not going to be in the cold and rainy UK, that’s for sure. With the recent cool temperatures and icy weather, I am even more excited than ever before. This year, I am definitely spending my birthday in a sunny and warm location. We all know that British spring can be harsh sometimes, but I just can’t handle it.

Benefits of being a photographer

As a professional portrait photographer in London, of course I can’t make this trip without taking my amazing camera. The best part is, that as a professional photographer, I can literally travel anywhere and shoot destination weddings. I can even do other photoshoots like honeymoon photography, holidays photography, you name it. That’s the beauty of being a photographer- I have the freedom to travel and follow my clients wherever and whenever they need me.

Now, because I decided to treat myself well with an amazing holidays for my birthday, I also made up my mind that I am going to treat you as well!




with me in Central London

including 3 print-ready digital files with print release.


All you need to do is answer the following question and comment.

I will announce the lucky reader on the 6th of April 2018 at 14:00.

Milla xx

Question: Where would you like to spend your birthday?


Update: We have a winner!!!!

thank you so much guys for all your lovely comments and birthday wishes❤️❤️❤️I had an amazing birthday, just how I dreamed of!

Congratulations to NATALIE who won family photoshoot with me ??????

I will be in touch with you soon via email ( please check out your junk mail as well just in case )

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Have a lovely week end!

Milla xx


With my lovely children – triplets and husband.

Rina Lyle

I have an almost 1 year old who wants all the attention at the mo so I’d would love to just have some me time floating in a gloriously large jacuzzi bath tub somewhere interrupted. Bliss.

Hayley graham

On holiday somewhere new. Experiencing something new and making memories with my partner and kids 🙂


On my birthday I’d love wake up with my boyfriend beside me, have breakfast with our four kids, drop the youngest off at school (as a working Mum it would make my day and hers), have lunch with my parents in their home in Singapore just listening to the birds in their garden and have tea with cake and sit on the swing that’s been in our family for over 60 years. I’d love to then have dinner in Barbados- the place of happy family holidays. For a night cap I’d love to see my sister in Melbourne, Australia for a good old chin wag in her sofa in her living room. I’d have a blanket over me as we speak and I’ll probably fall asleep somewhere mid sentence as I always do. Is there a time machine that can do that?


I would love to spend my birthday in Greece. I’d be able to show my little girl where mummy and daddy got married ?


Congratulations Natalie!
I just sent you an email.
Best regards,

Jalpa Bajaria

Happy Birthday!
In Disney world with my husband and baby. Happy and excited baby would definitely make my day special. X

Laura Kate

I’d love to visit friends in the US to celebrate.


Happy birthday! May yours be special made with loving memories!
It feels like ages more to my birthday but I’d love to be in Osaka, Japan for my birthday, gorging on the impeccably delicious and delicate Japanese cuisine there (my favourite!) with my little family – husband and by then, our little bub! x


Barcelona always 🙂 would like to have a first drink in Ice Bar on the beach 😉


Happy birthday Milla!
They do tend to sneak up on you those birthdays…
If I can dream…anywhere warm with all my family!!! Beach,pool,sun, good food, kids playing outside, meals on the terrace etc….
Why is London so yucky!?!
Anyhow… enjoy your special day away from here 😉 xx

Kim Brewis

I would love to lie on my back snuggled up next to my son and stare up through the glass roof of one of those little glass igloos in Finland at the northern lights whilst they dance around the sky. Might be out of my price range now but a girl can dream ?


Can I go with you please? This is also on my list!!!


Happy birthday MILLA! Hmmmm I’d love to start the day off cuddled up with my family in bed (where I would also eat breakfast, since we’re dreaming lol). I would then be whisked away to a spa where I’d have a 2.5 hour massage followed by a champagne lunch. Let’s do it together one day! Hope you have a lovely day! We will be in London again in June – will let you know dates. I have some new friends to introduce you to for some sessions. Will connect you. Xx


Thank you Shephali❤️ Can’t wait to see you guys! Xx


In bed haha! Would love a day off but im actually hoping the weather is dry next week and we can all go to the seaside for the day as really it might be my birthday but it’s still all about Elspeth 2 and iris 6months

Heidi Taverna

My birthday is a big one (my 40th) on Sunday. I would love to go to Venice and explore the canals and the history but in reality I will be snuggled up with my 9 month old singing nursery rhymes and reading stories to her, but she is everything to me and it will be the best birthday ever because it is my first as a mum and one that I thought would never happen.

Happy Birthday to you.


Thank you so much for your birthday wishes 🙂
Could you get back to me at [email protected] please?
You missed the previous giveaway and I am happy to announce that you won a family photoshoot on Mother’s Day :)))
I think that would be an amazing birthday gift for you 🙂

Rody Morgans

As long as I’m with my husband and my 3 lovely children then I don’t mind where I celebrate my Birthday! I dream of Mexico so that would be fab but hopefully one day I’ll be there . Thanks

Janet Palmer

In a dream world I’d love to spend my birthday on a beach soaking up some sun and just enjoying the sound of silence.
In the real world I’ll spend it with my three beautiful girls having made me a fantastic homemade card no doubt they’ll all climb in to bed to give me some birthday cuddles. In fact this is prob my favourite option ?

Miriam Pereira

The Caribbean!!!

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