Black and white family photography

As we all know, there’s a timeless charm in black and white portrait photography, and this charm is applied also to family photography. In black and white photography, the most classical of all styles, lights and shadows play an important, let’s say central, role. Colours are beautiful, of course, but at the same time they can distract from some details and in black and white photos, the focus is completely on you and your loved ones. But apart from these technical aspects, there’s also a prep to do before the session, so the question arises naturally: what to wear for a black and white family photography session?

Let’s start stating that it is better to opt for a classical and casual outfit: black or blue shirts, trousers and skirts. Stripes and patterns are beautiful but it is better to avoid that kind of particular style (they can be used on a colour photo session) because they can lose their striking effect on a black and white picture. So, the suggestion is to wear plain and casual clothes.

And the kids? Yes, maybe, it can be more difficult for kids to stay casual and not colourful but the simplest thing to do is to choose a pattern between you and your children: all in black, jeans and blue t-shirt, all in a white shirt and so on… 

As in black and white family portraits, the focus will be on you and your family, on your expression and especially on your eyes, do not overdo with make-up: as natural as possible is the perfect advice. There’s no need to use too much mascara or eyeliner because the natural lights and shadows of the setting will enhance anyway your eyes and face.

And above all, do not worry! Prepare clothes the night before and get a good sleep!

Then, during the family photoshoot, we will experiment with the lights, with the shapes and contrasts that your bodies can create, enlighten your presence and your uniqueness. Who said that black and white family portraits are boring? Actually, they are an infinite resource for ideas and for playing with the camera. The experiments and possibilities of the classical juxtaposition of black and white on film are really infinite and they can become a true work of art. 

And the result will be an emotional and truly unique black and white family portrait: a photo that will stay with you forever!