Black and white family portrait photography

Now, I know that this was a while ago. But, remember the time when Beyonce released her amazing I am Sasha Fierce album with that wonderful song Halo on it? Sorry for mentioning this if you’ve got no clue what I am talking about, but I swear there is a reason. Do you remember her album cover? It’s that beautiful and stunning black and white portrait of her face. In turn, it inspired millions of people into going into black and white family portrait photography. You could already feel the change when teenagers and millions of fans started changing their profile pictures on Facebook into black and white portraits.

No wonder. Black and white portraits are just so incredibly stunning. It can capture the most precious moments, while retaining that certain elegance. I’ll get into the details here below. But you really have to realise, that black and white family portrait photography is the way to go.

black and white child portrait

Sophistication at its best

Black and white portraits are the stuff of great celebrities. Nowadays, you won’t find a hot celebrity without a gorgeous black and white photograph. Also, young actors and models are greatly encouraged to being black and white portraits of themselves to casting sessions.

Apparently, evaluators can judge a person better with these types of shots. Something to do with lighting and how it hits the angles on the face. Nonetheless, I adore black and white photographs as they create that whole level of sophistication, depth and mystery around a single moment.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. When I see an amazing black and white photo, my mind goes totally blank as I stare in awe.

mother and son looking through the window black and white portrait

That’s the beauty of black and white family portraits.

It has that power to create that jaw dropping moment, where the viewer is intrigued by composition and the subject of the photo itself.

natural black and white family portrait photography LondonNo wonder that you might see lots of black and white ad campaigns in popular fashion magazines such as Vogue. It is very typical to see such photos in haute couture shots for example in Dolce and Gabbana, Dior and YSL.

Fashion designers use the power of these black and white photographs to capture the viewers attention and intrigue them with their expensive products. I must say, one or twice, I was extremely tempted to go buy those perfect shoes or that original handbag. Vogue is a great source of inspiration for such haute couture shots.

little sister holding her newborn baby brother black and white portrait

Back to reality

Nevertheless, we are talking about black and white family portrait photography. There are still many things to be discussed in terms of why black and white is the best filter. As a mom, I can tell you that sometimes I get upset with the fact that I am aging. Here and there, I tend to find a grey hair, a wrinkle or a blemish.

Black and white photos can hide these tiny little imperfections that some of us are so concerned about.

matted fine art prints

What I also found to be very true, is that it can make our face appear slimmer. I don’t know about you but this year I was definitely not ready for my bikini. I can tell you right away, that black and white photography is for you if you’ve got such issues.

However, with a bad photographer this can backfire immediately as it can highlight your imperfections. It’s all a play with shadows, highlights, angles and the like. You really need to hire a professional portrait photographer to get that perfect picture. The celebrities for example don’t settle for anything less than a pro. I mean, you can try making your own black and white portrait. However, it is very unlikely that it will give you the results you want.

mum is kissing her baby

Speaking of light and dark

Coming back to this reoccurring theme of light and dark, this shadow play requires a lot of skills and talent. Have you ever heard of the Renaissance painter Caravaggio? He was known to paint portraits with so much precision in lighting, they looked like real photographs. Seriously, I am not kidding.

black and white portrait of little girl with two ponytails

He was literally the best of his time and many more famous artists took inspiration from his works. He soon became nicknamed as one of the first people who discovered the power of photography. Actually, some people call him the true father of photography. Of course, this is all because he mastered the art of light and knew exactly how different body shapes react to light in different angles. True talent indeed!

For this reason, I urge people to try black and white family portrait photography. It is way more complicated than it seems. If you get it right, you might have a master piece in your house. A true piece of art!

best newborn photography London

Diplomatic in the best sense

What I love about black and white family portrait photography is that it is friendly in terms of fitting into your house.Just make sure you print out the right size you want. I encourage larger size for emptier walls.

Nonetheless, imagine that you’ve got a red wall or walls with any colour imaginable. The black and white photo will always fit. You won’t need to worry about complementary colours.

newborn baby in wooly hat sleeping black and white newborn portrait

Black and white just goes with everything. It’s so easy and diplomatic. Just look at these black and white newborn photography, isn’t it more natural and timeless?

Black and white family portrait photography is one of the best options to print out on a large canvas. You won’t need to fight with your spouse if the things match your curtains or some other nonsense.

So, have you learned enough about black and white photography? Literally, I want you to close your eyes and really think hard when was the last time you saw an ugly black and white photo. Not a very common phenomenon I tell you!

Excellent option for beauty shots, fashion haute couture, and stunning family portrait photography. Once you try it, you’ll never want a picture in colour ever again! Good luck guys and let me know if you’ve got any good tips and tricks on playing with light!

mum is holding her sleeping baby