Destination wedding photographer-London and abroad

As you know, apart from baby, children and family photography, I am also a London wedding photographer.

What is so special about wedding photography sessions is of course the fact that it is the way of documenting one of the most important and exceptional days of your lives. Every time I take wedding photographs I aim to capture the solemnity of the occasion, the depth of your love as well as the intense emotions that you are filled with. Just look at the picture below to see the deep and passionate love of the newlyweds.

Working as a  wedding photographer in London and worldwide, I have learnt that my clients often ponder over organizing their wedding ceremony in their home town or somewhere abroad. I worked both as a London wedding photographer as well as a wedding photographer abroad and I must say that every location has its advantages. There is always something special to emphasise the uniqueness of this great moment of your wedding.

Having your wedding at home, you can choose venues which are somehow connected to you and your relationship. You can choose your favourite church for the ceremony, your favourite restaurant for the reception and your favourite places for the wedding photography session. Some couples want to have their wedding photographs taken in the area where they met for the first time, in the park where they enjoy going for a walk, in a word, in all the places which they associate with their relationship and which evoke positive and romantic connotations for the newlyweds. Working as a London wedding photographer, I also noticed that it is essential for the bride and the groom to have all your nearest and dearest close to you. When you organize your wedding ceremony in your home town, it usually gives you an opportunity to invite more family and friends than when you have your wedding abroad. In this way you can celebrate your special day with the loved ones, you can also seize the chance of capturing your whole family in your wedding photographs. In the picture below, you can see a wonderful couple posing playfully in a park, with the green background prettily emphasising the beauty and the elegance of the wedding dress.

On the other hand, when you decide on having your wedding abroad, there is a multiplicity of various places where you can organize your wedding ceremony. Every couple is unique, you prefer different things and different factors determine the place of your choice. Nevertheless, every bride and groom want to have their wedding reception in a venue which is beautiful, exceptional and remarkable. You usually prefer areas which are different from what you have in the UK. That is why the most popular seem to be Mediterranean countries which guarantee a wonderful sunny weather and picturesque views of the azure sea and colourful, scenic seaside towns. Having your wedding ceremony and your wedding photography session on a golden beach, with the clear blue water in the background, surrounded by palm trees and luxurious hotels is what makes wedding abroad a really popular and accurate choice.

In my experience as a destination wedding photographer I have had a chance of taking a number of wedding photography sessions abroad. I travel a lot but my special wedding venues in Europe are Cyprus, Italy, south of France and Greek Islands. The Cyprus island, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region. It is also a perfect location for a wonderful wedding photography session. Cyprus is a place of very interesting geographical features, as you can see there not only the beautiful azure Mediterranean sea and sandy golden beaches, but also rocky coasts and high mountain ranges. Visiting the island you will see luxurious cities with big hotels and restaurants as well as small romantic villages. What makes this destination famous among tourists is also the perfect weather, with sunshine almost every day. All these features make Cyprus an ideal place for taking wedding photographs. You can see two examples of wedding photographs taken in Cyprus, one above, and one below. The pictures present the unique features of the Cyprus island I have been writing about above.

Children photography session every year? Yes, it is really worth it!

Children photography session every year?

Well... the fact that children change quickly is well-known and undisputed. We all know that our little babies grow relatively fast, we can see some changes virtually every week.

However, these are probably our children’s photographs that depict these changes best.


Once you have a teenager at your place, it can be difficult to believe that so many years have passed so quickly. You remember the moment you gave birth to your little infant, their first steps, first words, the first day at school. And now your baby is not so little any more. Now you have a nearly grown-up person in your family and you start realizing that you cannot recall every single detail of your child’s past.

In order not to lose these precious memories think about having regular photo sessions of your children and your whole family. Sometimes you decide on a children photography session once in a child’s lifetime. Of course, such photos will make a great and unforgettable memento. However, why not to seize the opportunity to immortalize your children’s development more often? Having regular, professional photography sessions, let’s say, every year, will constitute a keepsake that you will definitely appreciate and cherish years later.

I must say that I’ve had a pleasure of working with a lot of families who come to me every year for a children photography session. They want me to show the current appearance of their children and the way they have changed since the last time we met. There are children whom I could photograph when they were newborns and it’s a really precious moment when they come back for another session. Every time I see the amazing changes in my little models, I feel really moved and filled with emotions. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to observe the way they grow and alter, not to mention the pleasure of capturing these incredible changes in my photographs.

Here I would like to show you some examples of how my little models have changed throughout the years. The pictures I’ve taken are presented in a form of collages in order to present the way the children have altered.

The first collage starts the earliest, as we can see the “belly” picture which only announces the arrival of the tiny boy that we can see in the second picture and the sweet toddler in the third one.

The first collage starts the earliest, as we can see the “belly” picture which only announces the arrival of the tiny boy that we can see in the second picture and the sweet toddler in the third one.

In another composition you can see a beautiful boy and the way he has grown from a cute baby dressed in a sweet woolly hat and put in a basket, up to a smiling, cheerful school boy.

Child photographer Notting Hill London

Yet another set depicts lovely siblings in their favourite playground. Again, we can observe how the children have become more and more mature.



Last but not least, I would like to present to you this pretty girl, whom you can see as a little toddler at the top, a happy playful girl in the middle, up to a beautiful young lady at the bottom of the picture.

These are only samples of what I do. You can see more pictures in my gallery. I hope that I will be able to photograph my little models in the future as well, and create even bigger collages of their pictures as they grow and change.

Also, I truly encourage you to decide on a family photography session. As you know, I work mainly in London now, so as a London photographer I can suggest a lot of interesting venues in this beautiful city where we could hold a photo session of your child. If you feel convinced to have your children’s development “documented” regularly, please contact me. Don’t miss the chance and don’t let the fleeting moments pass without being immortalized in photography. It will be a pleasure for me to become your favourite London children photographer.


Children photography in London- siblings photo session.

Children photography is a great idea to capture the passing moments in your children’s lives. And when we have a picture not only of one child, but of siblings, we can show the unique relationship between them. Such family photography focuses on the special bond between the family members. Children photographs can be really charming and moving as you can see in the ones I am presenting in this article.

I’ve done a couple of sibling photography sessions across the UK, especially in London. I’m glad that every time I meet children during a session, I can show something new in my pictures. Every child is different and what I try to do during a children photography session is to present their unique personality. Children are really natural, spontaneous and that is why they are absolutely endearing figures in any photo session.


Children photography is not an easy job as our kids can be quite unpredictable and may not be willing to cooperate all the time. It definitely requites a lot of patience. However, the effects that we can achieve after children photographic sessions are really rewarding and worth all the efforts.

It is important to decide how to arrange children together during a sibling session. Such pictures should look as natural as possible, therefore I usually choose the surroundings that children know. For instance, it’s a good idea to capture family in their own house. Children photographs look beautiful when taken in a children’s room, among some toys or accessories. Sometimes certain props can be used, for instance a favourite toy to create an idyllic image. Teddy bears look exceptionally well on children photos.


As a London photographer, I often choose locations such as parks or playgrounds. I know a couple of such places in London which are suitable for family photography sessions. These are places where children feel free and behave in a natural way. I want them to play with each other and just be happy outdoors. It is a good idea to take a blanket to a photo session, which can be used to take more static photos, whereas those more dynamic will be taken during children’s play time.

Natural newborn photography in the comfort of your home

The moment your little baby is born is one of the most precious times in your life. The newborn infant quickly becomes the most important and beautiful person in your family. Such exceptional moments are really worth capturing. Think about photographs showing your cute sleeping baby, these lovely little feet or adorable expressions on the face. Take the opportunity of retaining the precious moments of the first days of your child.


Newborn sessions are usually done when a baby is less than two weeks old. This may seem soon, however you should know that this is the most appropriate and favourable time. First of all, this is the time when babies often stay in the foetal position and lie curled up. It looks cute and delicate in the photographs, and gives the impression of the baby’s newness in the pictures. Also, it is the period when the little bodies are plastic enough to put them in the desirable poses. Obviously, it is done without the smallest harm to the infant. Newborns sleep most of the time, which enables photographers to take precise pictures. And indeed a sleepy little infant is what many people love the most about newborn photography.

Newborn photography requires a lot of patience as well as knowledge of how to make babies safe during a session. I always want you and your baby to feel secure and comfortable during our meeting. That is why such sessions take place in your homes, in your baby’s natural surroundings. I’m flexible and creative, which is especially important with such delicate and unpredictable models as babies.

As far as the style of photography is concerned, newborn photos usually depict naked babies lying in various types of blankets. This is the most classic type of newborn photography which shows the beauty of a baby in different poses. Sometimes we can add some props, such as baskets, chairs or bowls to pose the baby. Also such objects as handmade woolly hats, various headbands or skirts for infants can be used to make the photos more attractive and unique. And they make a very endearing picture, too.

Newborn infants alter so quickly. Even a few days can bring about changes. Remember about the first days of your baby’s life – it is a crucial time if you want to have newborn photographs that you will cherish forever. In the article you can see some curly sleepy newborn photos as well as those focused on details, such as a baby’s tiny hand wrapped around a parent’s finger.


Dear Londoners, if you like my pictures and if you want to have an unforgettable memento of your baby’s first days of life, contact me. Invite me to your homes, and I will have the pleasure of taking pictures of your adorable newborns and becoming your favourite London newborn photographer. 

Newborn photos can be taken with older siblings, which also results in a beautiful keepsake for the whole life. I’ll write more about siblings photography in another article.