Children photography in London- siblings photo session.

Children photography is a great idea to capture the passing moments in your children’s lives. And when we have a picture not only of one child, but of siblings, we can show the unique relationship between them. Such family photography focuses on the special bond between the family members. Children photographs can be really charming and moving as you can see in the ones I am presenting in this article.

I’ve done a couple of sibling photography sessions across the UK, especially in London. I’m glad that every time I meet children during a session, I can show something new in my pictures. Every child is different and what I try to do during a children photography session is to present their unique personality. Children are really natural, spontaneous and that is why they are absolutely endearing figures in any photo session.


Children photography is not an easy job as our kids can be quite unpredictable and may not be willing to cooperate all the time. It definitely requites a lot of patience. However, the effects that we can achieve after children photographic sessions are really rewarding and worth all the efforts.

It is important to decide how to arrange children together during a sibling session. Such pictures should look as natural as possible, therefore I usually choose the surroundings that children know. For instance, it’s a good idea to capture family in their own house. Children photographs look beautiful when taken in a children’s room, among some toys or accessories. Sometimes certain props can be used, for instance a favourite toy to create an idyllic image. Teddy bears look exceptionally well on children photos.


As a London photographer, I often choose locations such as parks or playgrounds. I know a couple of such places in London which are suitable for family photography sessions. These are places where children feel free and behave in a natural way. I want them to play with each other and just be happy outdoors. It is a good idea to take a blanket to a photo session, which can be used to take more static photos, whereas those more dynamic will be taken during children’s play time.