Chelsea Family photography

Chelsea is one of the most chic and famous neighbourhoods in London, where many celebrities, from the past and present, live in the precious flats facing wonderful streets and on the southern side, facing the Thames.

As you may know, Chelsea is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, located on the south west side of the UK capital, and it is known worldwide for the luxurious flats, the high fashion shops and restaurants, and especially because there is way for the well-known King’s Road, where Mary Quant created her famous skirt. Well, the neighbourhood is famous also because it is possible to find the old home of Oscar Wilde, Rossetti, and nowadays, Hugh Grant and Mick Jagger.  It it also one of my favourite place for family photoshoots in London.

So much loved by celebrities and artists, Chelsea is actually very ancient, one of the first centre villages of the city, and, despite modernity, not so much has changed. In fact, Chelsea preserves its old buildings, its magnificent palaces, and its quiet and refined atmosphere.

That’s why so many tourists – but also Londoners – love to walk around Chelsea and its streets and plunge into the precious atmosphere of the area. A part from the lovely buildings and shops of Chelsea, the neighbourhood is famous also for its stadium, the Stamford Bridge, and for the Cheyne Walk, a precious road which goes along the Thames and captures the bohemian lifestyle of the previous centuries. 

family photo shoot in Chelsea London
Chelsea family photography

If you and your family love music that’s the place to be! In fact, Chelsea is also famous because here the two most famous British bands lived and produced some of their music: the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. So, a part from artists and celebrities you can also follow the music steps!

So, even if you didn’t know what Chelsea offers to its visitors, a stroll along the streets and alleys of the district will let you fall in love with it. And you can take advantage of the beautiful setting and surroundings of Chelsea to ask your family photographer to come along with you on your day off and capture the amazing moments you will live exploring the area.

mother and son looking through the window black and white portrait

You can pretend to be an artist, a celebrity, or you can really enjoy the history of the area, enjoy the view from the Thames, explore the botanic gardens, or be more active and play around the stadium.

As many areas of London, Chelsea possesses a particular atmosphere, some kind of magic which is peculiar of this part of the city, and that’s why it is beautiful to enjoy a day off with your family walking around and discover the precious angles and corners of Chelsea. And its light, its polished roads and palaces will be the perfect frame for your family photo shoot in London. So don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the most wonderful areas of all London. And take some pictures!