Children & family photography is amazing during this time of year.

Especially due to the fact that its Christmas time and you can sneak is a wonderful family portrait for Christmas. Children & family photography is an excellent idea that will bring a smile to the crankiest relatives! I remember when sending Christmas cards only involved some sort of post card or some photo of a tree. It is only in these recent years, that children & family photography has become the number one thing on Christmas greetings. Don’t believe me? Just think of the first time you got a Christmas card with a family portrait and a lovely greeting. Didn’t it put a smile on your face? I am pretty confident that it did.

I remember the first time I got a gorgeous family greeting or rather family Christmas card from relatives in Los Angeles. It’s the type of relatives that you don’t see for a while. Sometimes with gaps of more than three years in between. Let’s be honest, I don’t usually fly out from Europe every year to see my relatives in the USA. It was so nice to see all the children grow up so quickly. This is why I love children & family photography. You can capture these special moments on a photo and explain in one look just how quickly the family evolves.

Children & family photography is the best when it comes to showing people how fast we change.

best Christmas children & family photography London

And yet, our love for each other grows stronger and stronger. This of course makes children & family photography perfect for a Christmas card!

Christmas children & family photography LondonType of greeting

Once you book your professional photographer for children & family photography, you’ll need to come up with a catch phrase or greeting. This is so that the photographer can include these especially at the Christmas card. Some photographer offers this additional feature, especially around holiday time. However, its not easy to find a photographer that offers this regularly. If you are looking for a talented photographer who happens to offer this type of service, keep reading.

So, coming back to the greeting. I am sure you are wondering whether you want to stick to a traditional Christmas greeting or if you want to include something hilarious. Something memorable and funny that would make your relatives call you and say how genius your Christmas card was. Perhaps, you can think of an inside joke that only you and your closest family and friends understand. Or you can get really funky with your children & family photography, and make hilarious photos with costumes. Think about it!


As I was saying, there aren’t a lot of photographers in or around London who give such great service. If you are looking for a fun and friendly photographer who specialises in children & family photography, then take note. You should visit Studio Milla  and ask for the Christmas family portraits and special greeting. Milla will let you create a custom greeting to your liking. How cool is that? ? You won’t regret working with her. Just check out her amazing portfolio and her list of success stories.

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