Children photography session in London every year

Well… the fact that children change quickly is well-known and undisputed. We all know that our little babies grow relatively fast, we can see some changes virtually every week. However, these are probably our children’s photographs that depict these changes best. Once you have a teenager at your place, it can be difficult to believe that so many years have passed so quickly. You remember the moment you gave birth to your little infant, their first steps, first words, the first day at school. And now your baby is not so little any more. Now you have a nearly grown-up person in your family and you start realizing that you cannot recall every single detail of your child’s past. In order not to lose these precious memories think about having regular children photography session of your whole family.

Sometimes you decide on a children photography session once in a child’s lifetime. Such photos will make a great and unforgettable memento. However, why not to seize the opportunity to immortalise your children’s development more often? Having regular, professional photography sessions, let’s say, every year, will constitute a keepsake that you will definitely appreciate and cherish years later.

I must say that I have had a pleasure of working with a lot of families who come to me every year for a children photography session.

They want me to show the current appearance of their children and the way they have changed since the last time we met. There are children whom I could photograph when they were newborns and it’s a really precious moment when they come back for another session.

Every time I see the amazing changes in my little models, I feel really moved and filled with emotions. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to observe the way they grow and alter, not to mention the pleasure of capturing these incredible changes in my photographs.

Here I would like to show you some examples of how my little models have changed throughout the years. The pictures I’ve taken are presented in a form of collages in order to present the way the children have altered.

The first collage starts the earliest, as we can see the “belly” picture which only announces the arrival of the tiny boy that we can see in the second picture and the sweet toddler in the third one.

best London children&family photography

Another set depicts lovely siblings in their favourite playground. Again, we can observe how the children have become more and more mature.

children photography session London


Last but not least, I would like to present to you this pretty girl, whom you can see as a little toddler at the top, a happy playful girl in the middle, up to a beautiful young lady at the bottom of the picture.

best children photography session London

These are only samples of what I do. You can see more pictures in my gallery. I hope that I will be able to photograph my little models in the future as well, and create even bigger collages of their pictures as they grow and change. I truly encourage you to decide on a children photography session. As you know, I work mainly in London now, so as a London photographer I can suggest a lot of interesting venues in this beautiful city where we could hold a photo session of your child.

If you feel convinced to have your children’s development “documented” regularly, please contact me. Don’t miss the chance and don’t let the fleeting moments pass without being immortalized in photography. It will be a pleasure for me to become your favourite London children photographer!