Children portrait photographer in digital world

Many of you know that I have been a photographer for over 14 years now. And I really love what I do. Having a chance to work with children is one of my favourite part of this job as a children portrait photographer. The other part I love is travelling and exploring some amazing destinations and meeting new people and different cultures.

I truly believe that there is a bit of magic when it comes to photography. And even more magic happens with photographing families. Time flies so quickly and we only have some memories left at the end. We live so busy nowadays that we can’t even remember most of the things we did last month. Our children grow up fast and change every single day. And we too change and get older. Sometimes we want to stop and freeze the time dreaming about the world holding on just for a moment. Is it possible?

huge framed fine art with girl's portrait

Last week I got a very warm message from one of my clients. I did her wedding reportage years ago but still remember that beautiful venue by the lake and the happy faces of the Bride and Groom and their families. She wrote that her dad had past away and she wanted to say thank you for the memories she had on the photos. She attached one of the photo with her dad while they’re dancing during the wedding party. It reminded me that moment clearly. I was glad that she has a beautiful wedding album full of the photos with the whole family to come back to that special day and think about her dad when she misses him.

That is the power of photography. That is the magic behind my job. It allows me to capture those special family moments. It allows me to keep those little faces on my photographs and give you something really special to cherish with your family and friends forever. As a children portrait photographer I can capture all those little feet, gorgeous smiles, dirty faces and kisses and hugs. Sooner or later they will be just a sweet memory and will be replaced with shoe size 10, rolling their eyes instead of smile and “no kissing please it is embarrassing mum”!

modern framed fine art prints holding on the walls in the living room

I know we all have our phones to document those moments. But there is almost never the whole family on the photos. Someone has to take them. So we end up with either poor quality selfies or hundreds of photos of our children from the phones. And we never print them. I would even suggest you not to try printing them in larger formats. It is a waste of your time and money. It won’t work well.

That’s why you need someone professional. Someone who knows how important is the light and shoot in manual mode. Someone who knows how to interact with the children and make the family relaxed and natural. Professional children photographer can create gorgeous art from your family photoshoot and produce fine art prints which will last forever. It is not possible to achieve it with the phone. Even the latest and the best ones.

children portrait photographer London silver frame in kids bedroom

We take more photos than ever before. We want to keep all the great moments and never forget about beloved ones and our amazing experiences. We create our Facebook profiles and Instagram accounts. We post, like, tag and share. We store the photos on the clouds and discs. Welcome to the digital world! 

But there is no guarantee our photos are safe and they will survive the test of time. We are very lucky because our generation grew up during the times when the parents had to print our photos. So we have plenty of albums with our childhood memories. They will survive all the technology changes so our grandchildren will be able to know our faces. Some of us might be known only from our young version of ourselves if we stopped taking care of prints and traditional albums when our phones revolutionised our lives.

matted fine art prints children portrait photographer in London

How about our children? Will they have something to keep the memories of their life? They started to be called “Lost Generation”. Do you know why? According to Forbes over 70 million of mobile phones are lost each year and one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. The digital era is amazing but our kids might end up with no photos of themselves when the technology will change again. I have hundreds of backup photos on dvd’s and both my iMac and Mac book don’t even have a dvd drive anymore!

Please do not forget about the value of fine art prints and albums. Look at those smiles on your children faces and their shinning eyes when you show them the old photos of you as a child and tell them the stories about your childhood and about your family. I am sure our children would love to have some memories kept on printed photographs too. To show their children one day and tell them some stories about you.

black box with matted fine art prints children portrait photographer London

These are the main reasons why I as a children portrait photographer decided to educate my clients about the importance of prints. You can still keep the digital negatives for sure but I would like you to let me show you how beautiful can be a fine art album and how amazing wall art looks on the walls in your house. I encourage you to think about it. Then check your phones and hard drives and start to print your memories please!