Little Ones, Big Smiles: The Beauty of Children Portraits

The magic of children portraits

Photography is a high art. It requires patience, technique, creativity and also a quick eye. It can vary from classic photography to street photography or glamorous portraits. It can be a reportage or a family portrait which will be remembered for years to come. Whatever is the kind of photography, one thing will never change: passion. And it is passion and patience that dominate one of the branches of photography: children portraits. But, apart from the great professionalism of the children photographer, taking portraits of our little kids can be hard. That’s why we collected some tips and tricks here… to help also the parents!

Childhood is a magical time and capturing those special moments through children's portrait photography is a precious way of preserving those memories forever. The beauty of this genre of photography lies in capturing the innocence, curiosity, and playfulness of children.

Tips and tricks for amazing children portraits

While it can be challenging to work with young subjects, with the right approach, patience, and techniques, you can create amazing children portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.

1. They are in charge

As probably parents already know, placing a kid on a stand and asking him/her to smile is not working 99% of the times. It can work better in a studio in front of a professional photographer, but the truth is, to take a good portrait, you have to let them be what they are: children. So, they are in the lead, they will jump around, and you will capture that big and splendid smile.

2. Always keep the camera on

Kids are never tired, so as a photographer we can’t be tired as well! Keep always your camera on, ready to capture every expression and pose the children will make while the session is taking place. The most beautiful pictures can be taken while you are all taking a break… but your camera will be ready!

3. Be quick and on their level

As we already mentioned, kids will be moving around, discovering props and playing with whatever, they will find around. And, guess what? You will be playing along with them, let them run and jump, and you will get down on your knees, following them around, quick on the button!

4. Variety

Do not shot always the same pose. Bring the family out, in a park, and let nature and the background be part of the whole frame, or back in the studio – or at home – focus also on their little hands while they’re playing, on the eyes, even on their feet… full-body photos are not always the right pose, details can be meaningful as well.

5. Let it be a game

Do not ever force a kid. If they are not collaborating, if they are not feeling well, it is better to put the camera away and let them relax and enjoy a bit of free time. One of the best tips not to let them down is to let children be involved in the shooting: explain what you are doing with the camera, how do you prepare for the session, what are the results… it will all become a big game! Because children photography is really magical!

6. Use natural light

Natural light can create beautiful, soft portraits. Try to take photos near a window or outside during golden hour (the hour after sunrise or before sunset) for the best lighting.

7. Clean background

A simple, uncluttered background can help your child stand out in the photo. Consider using a plain wall, a bedsheet, or a piece of fabric as a backdrop.

8. Get close

Capturing close-up shots of your child's face or hands can create stunning portraits that show their unique features and expressions.

9. Be patient

Children can be unpredictable and may not always cooperate during a photoshoot. Be patient, take breaks if needed, and try to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for your child.

10. Take candid shots

Candid shots of your child playing, reading, or exploring can capture their natural essence and make for beautiful portraits.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process of capturing these special moments with your child. If you would like to have some professional children portraits done outdoor or in a studio, do not hesitate to contact us and book a photo session for your children.

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