Children’s photographer and how I became one

Do you want to know what makes an amazing children’s photographer from the perspective of a professional children and family photographer? Well, see things from a different perspective and hear out what a true professional – that being said – I have to say.

I have been doing children and family photography for years all over the world. In fact, many of my clients select me as the children’s photographer of their choice. I am always getting invites for birthday parties, bar mitzvah, graduations and other special occasions. My clients are very dear to me and I always give a 100% on the job to deliver them perfect results. I think this is why I have become very successful as soon as I came to London with my daughter.

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You know, I came to London years ago, with the dream to make my life better for myself and my daughter. I love my daughter and I would do anything to give her the world. But in the end, it was her that gave me the world. It was through her that I find inspiration in children and family life. I took taking portraits and pictures of her ever since she was born. Well, she is a little superstar and she certainly loves the attention, which child doesn’t? But in the end, it’s because her that I am one of London’s leading children’s photographers.

My success is on 2 main principles which I think are transferable to identifying any other successful children’s photographers

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So, the number one thing is that I go all in for my client.

If my client calls me at 10pm in the evening, I will happily take his or her call. What do you know, maybe my client got amazing inspiration for a clever idea after a little bit of wine? You know, this happens to be all the time, and I bet it happens to more creative people out there. Sometimes, I get the most amazing idea after I’ve had a glass of delicious red wine after a hard day of work. Why not? Don’t tell me that you’ve never came up with something truly genius after a glass or two.

But the point is, I go above and beyond for my clients, I really do. I made sure they have the experience of their life and they must do, because they keep coming back to me. I treat my clients like royalty and I love having consultations with them in terms of executing a desire or an idea they had the day before.

The number two thing is that I adore children

Children are incredible, as is my daughter. A children’s photographer must love children. It’s a must. I would even argue that it’s best when the children’s photographer has children of their own because they know how to communicate with the child and know how to capture the rights angles.
When the photographer loves kids, you can see this in the pictures as well. It is really true!