Inspirations for children’s portrait photography in London.

Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming photo shoot? Well, you came to the right place. Here, you’ll find tons of inspiration for amazing children’s portrait photography. I always tell this to my friends and family. If you are looking to find some inspiration for a project or something, you should always use your eyes. If you really look at things around you, or observe things carefully, you will always find an idea. This always works for me when I want to do something creative with children’s portrait photography. Honestly, it took me quite a while before I knew how to use my surroundings for inspiration. You just have to adjust a little and think out of the box as an observer. Again, learn to use your eyes. You never know, that your next big idea is just a look away.

See how it works

A friend of mine actually used this same principle when it came to launching her new start-up idea. She always had a fascination with jars and excellent food. One day, she saw beautiful jars placed on a shelf with a sign – ‘vegan’ on it. And there came the idea, that she will sell delicious vegan food in portable jars! All it took, was just one look. Just one look! Seriously! Today, she has a ton of customers and her start-up is no longer a start-up, but a fully viable business. How incredible is that? Just imagine, you can do the same when you try to do something creative with children’s portrait photography.

best childrens' portrait photography London

This is exactly how I came up with a cool idea for my children’s portrait photo shoot. One day, I saw this amazing picture on Facebook of a dog and a baby. It was so cute. Right after I scrolled through the picture, there was this amazing little reindeer hat, with antlers. So, I had the idea of making a family portrait with this hat! We even had a dog, so it was perfect. We gave the dog the antlers as well. Children’s portrait photography can be so much fun, especially if you involve other family members as well.

But, do you see how you can use your surroundings to influence your creative process? I dare you to take a look around right now and just observe who and what is around you. Did you find something inspirational and worthwhile? Right now, as I look around, I see trees and the city skyline. Perhaps I can combine children’s portrait photography with a stunning city backdrop? Hmmm, I think I’ll have to think more about this and come back to you. Or maybe I should just try it and see how it goes. I think I can start with Hyde Park or some other locations where you can see the city.

Hyde Park

Speaking of Hyde Park, this is not a bad idea to get some amazing inspiration. Hyde Park is generally known as one of the best central parks in London. Plus, have you seen the Christmas decorations?

I think Hyde Park would be a perfect location for some stunning children’s portrait photography.

best children's portrait photography London

Whether it be children’s portrait photography during the day or during the night with all the lights lit up. I think it if was me, I would go for two types of portraits in Hyde Park, getting the best of both. Meaning, during the day and after sunset.

First, I would get there around 4:30 ish, to get that last bit of light for that day portrait. We all know just how beautiful and golden the last rays of sun look, right before sunset. This golden light can bring children’s portrait photography to the next level and enlighten the portrait. Your child could have the appearance that he or she is glowing with joy. For the day portrait, I would select the lake backdrop. The scenery there is so stunning, it is perfect for capturing a time-lasting child portrait.

As for the children’s portrait photography after sunset, I would get a shot next to the Christmas tree! With the golden or silverfish Christmas tree light in the background, you can use children’s portrait photography for a Christmas card. What I mean specifically, is that you can use the child’s photo and print it into a Christmas card and send it to your relatives. Just imagine the surprise and happiness on their faces. Especially, if you send this to the grandparents! I am pretty sure, that they will display the portrait somewhere, where they can brag about it to all your relatives. Haha. At least, that’s what my grandparents did all the time. But seriously, think about Hyde Park as a location for family photography in London. You can get tons of inspiration there!

More inspiration

If you really have a hard time finding inspiration, then ask a professional. That’s what children’s portrait photography is all about. The professional photographer who specialises in children’s portrait photography will be more than happy to give you tips. Again, they have tons of experience behind them, and probably a large portfolio stocked with amazing children’s portrait photography. Why don’t you ask for some amazing samples, with at least ten different themes? Perhaps, you can copy an amazing idea that someone else already had.

Let me inspire you for a minute with some last-minute children’s portrait photography ideas. My first suggestion would be for you to get some lovely Christmas jumpers. You know, the really cheesy kinds, that are red and have a reindeer on them. Let’s not pretend that you don’t have one at home. Last year, I bought two. Yes, two. One red and one blue with a really cute polar bear. Every time I have guests or family over during the holidays, me and my partner wear them as a joke to spark up a laugh. In some way, it does bring a smile to your face, doesn’t it? So, I think having this for a children’s portrait would be great. The portrait can include the bust, it doesn’t necessarily have to focus only on the face.

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