Easter family photography on the rise

If you have made plans with your family over Easter, why not surprise them with a session of Easter family photography. It will certainly make your holidays feast memorable. Trust me – everyone likes the element of surprise!

Have you made plans with your family over the Easter holidays? Not to worry if you haven’t. I still can’t believe that it is Easter. It came by so fast! In fact, I just remember celebrating the Christmas holidays with some amazing family photography. It still feels like winter, because when I look outside, all I see is snow and that icy drizzling rain. Plus, when I step out, I am completely freezing even with my winter coat. Nonetheless, Easter is on its way, so fast!

Plans for Easter this year

So, what have you planned for Easter this year? I bet that you’ve made plans for a family gathering, which I think is a fantastic idea. I always love when family gets together. Uncle Barry gets a bit tipsy from the wine, while the kids run around the table. The men stuff their faces with what they can, as the food sits there on the table. While the ladies sip coffee and engage in family gossip. Sound familiar? I bet an event like this is very fitting for Easter family photography. What better time that to engage in such an activity – especially since everyone is already there! No need to organise new events.

Organising such a family event is enough hassle already. Think about the time when you’ve called over family for Christmas or birthday celebration of your children. Everyone is super busy nowadays and everyone’s calendar is super packed. Do you know the feeling? For example, I can’t even get my friend out for coffee because we are both just so busy during the week and then of course we both have plans with out families over the weekend. This phenomenon seems to have gotten worse and worse over time as I get older with each and every year.

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It’s a bit sad when I think about it, because me and my best friend used to be very close. Now, we both seem like we have different priorities. Luckily, the family can’t give you any excuse not to attend a family even. This is because, as family, we already should be each other’s priority. Don’t you think guys? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know and drop a comment.

The importance of family

Family is so important, and hence it is very important to document the togetherness of us all. People change. Kids grow older and unfortunately, our grandparents don’t get any younger either. Therefore, I treasure every family event and I always invite the family at every occasion. Whether it be Christmas, Easter, Halloween and birthdays and christenings of course. Most noteworthy, I ‘ve set very clear expectations of all of my relatives that I expect them to attend every year. If not, I’ve devised a very clever punishment – they have to bring gifts for everyone! Haha, so instead of spending a lot of money (our family is pretty big), everyone always comes. And my favourite part is, that I capture every moment with family photoshoot.

What family photography brings is the evidence of love and joy you all have together as a family.

You cannot imagine how true photos can capture the emotions, love and happiness. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at a really good family photographer. A really good family photographer knows just when to press that button. A good family Easter event should involve a couple of clicks. Click! Click and click! In the end, you will end up with some many photos, you’ll be having a hard time choosing between them.

Individual Portraits vs. Group Portraits

You can easily opt for individual family portraits with family photography. These can be custom to your liking – meaning you can decide on the theme and the background. More specially, you can choose the location, whichever location is most special or appealing to you. It can be a park, a castle, a museum or even your home! I am sure that you can come up with an amazing secret spot for your Easter family photography.

Again, why not making it this year a bit more fun and go for the group photos during your family event? It is much more fun to look at those 1 second moments. Don’t you agree? I can tell you a story about our accidental group portrait from last year. Coincidentally, my son’s birthday is over Easter break. So, every year my sons just adores seeing family because they anyways bring him chocolates and small gifts of all sorts. I think he even prefers Easter now instead of Christmas because he gets more gift. Cheeky lad he is!

Still, at some point, all our relatives were at the dinning table with a gift in their hand for my little Tommy. Thank goodness I though of family photoshoot because I was able to capture the moment. On this photo, you’ll find the relatives a bit nervous looking, in a way, competing whose gift is the best. All the while Tommy is eager with his eyes full of excitement. That one photo had so much emotion – it was a priceless family portrait. One I am going to treasure for many years.

Are you convinced yet?

Have I managed to convince you to hire a professional children and a family photographer this year? If so, then I am very happy about that. You will never regret this decision. These are the type of photos that you will love coming back to as time passes by ever so fast. Also, you’ll want to pull these photos out during another big family gathering. Just wait for the bursts of laughter and embarrassment. You can have amazing discussions over older group family photos. I highly recommend it!