Lifestyle family photo shoot in London

Is family photo shoot something that you are thinking about? Well, look now further and keep reading. You might be in for a pleasant treat. Before I get into the topic of family photo shoots, let me ask you this. Have you had the chance to enjoy a bit of Easter holiday with your family? If the calendar didn’t allow for any travelling this time, there is still a lot you can do to enjoy the season. If you live in London, you should definitely go out and get see the beautiful colours in the parks.

The electronic era vs. tradition

Nowadays, we tend to live much our lives indoors with family members occupying themselves with various electronic devices. Does it sound somewhat familiar? In that case, you would be surprised how lovely it can be to get out and spend some time together as a family. Take a refreshing walk in the park, and let the children play on the grass. If you have a couple of days off work, why not take the opportunity to have new lifestyle family portraits taken? Look up London family photography, and make a booking.

little girl colourful portrait on the grass London family photo shoot

In order to get a high quality family portraits, you have to go to a professional photographer. You might think that family photo shoot sounds a bit too traditional. However in the fast paced world of today, traditions are more important than ever. We probably all have lots of snapshots from lots of events in our mobile phones. But what about an actual family portrait? It is actually a nice reaffirming feeling to have a  professional family portraits taken.

In my house we have many family portraits. Some of them only with my daughter, and some with more extended family. Believe me when I say, grandparents love to be involved in these things. Furthermore, the actual photo shoot only takes up an hour or two, which gives you the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with the family.

The more the better

The main thing to be aware of when you look for family photo shoot is the quality of the work. Of course it doesn’t make sense to overpay for family photography. Nor for anything else that you buy for that matter. However, as with so many other purchases you often get what you pay for. Therefore, I recommend you to be prepared to spend a few hundred pounds, and get the better end result and professional fine art prints.

teen girls lying on the grass with flowers in their hair

A good children and family portrait will bring you joy for the rest of your life. You can keep it at your desk at work to remind yourself of the important things in life. You can also build a collection of family portraits that show how the children grow and your family develops. A professional family photographer will give you the quality that makes family photos into a giving thing.

The location is everything

A family photo shoot doesn’t necessarily need to take place in a studio. Needless to say, the studio is where the photographer can create the best technical conditions. That means the quality of the photos will be at its best. The studio in this sense has many advantages for the photographer to deliver a high quality result. However if the idea of a photo shoot in a studio doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to do it. Family portraits can also be done on a location that means something to you.

family sitting on the grass in the park mum is pregnant

It could be in your home or garden, or in a public place that means something to you. A professional photographer will be able to work with the natural light on the specific location. The photographer’s well trained eye for perspectives and composure will ensure that you and your family remains the centerpiece of the photograph. Remember that the professional photographer’s aim is to make you happy with the end result.

Are you already thinking of locations for your family photo shoot?

family photo shoot in London

Fortunately, London has a lot to offer in terms of locations for children and family photography. If you like me, enjoy the changing of the seasons I recommend to seek out one of London’s many beautiful parks. Right now, is the chance to enjoy the wonderful colours of the spring.

family portrait in the forest with pregnant mum holding her baby


If you haven’t seen Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens in their spring colours you simply must go and see them. I personally love the colours and smell of the spring. I find Kensington Gardens especially beautiful with its varied scenery and many beautiful roses there.

London family photo shoot

time flies

For me the changing of the seasons also make me reflect on the progress of myself and my family. Where were we and what did we do around this time last year. To think about how the children have age and go up a school grade since then. For this I love to look at some of the previous family portraits. This is also why I have new ones taken with regular intervals.

If you feel the same way you should certainly look up some family photo shoot in London. Let a professional photographer take portraits of your family, so that you too can follow the development over the years. It’s perfect for remembering all the good times you have had. And don’t forget to print it. Hang your framed prints on the walls and enjoy your family special moments!

family portrait photography wall art in the living room