The importance of family photography

How many times we say ‘oh they’re growing so fast’? Yes, we are talking about children, our sons and daughters who, since the day they were born, have captured every second of our life, until they get older and we start to miss all these hectic moments that we had while they were kids.  And it is exactly in those moments when they are young adults that you go back in time and search for memories of their childhood. You know what is the best way to keep memories of your kids? Family photography!

Photography, one of the most beloved arts in the world, can keep forever our special moments on film. So you can flip through photographs many years onwards, recalling funny, awesome, emotional moments lived side by side to your children. 

Well, of course, nowadays we are submerged by pictures and photos taken with our phones. But here we are talking about something a lit bit more magic, the art of photography. Maybe you remember seeing some beautiful photo album, in your granddads’ house, where all the family portraits are collected. And maybe you remember how lovely it was to stand there, flipping through the album, and thinking about all those past moments. 

So why don’t you act now and start your own family photo album? That’s absolutely possible! And yes, it doesn’t mean that you are too posh, too ‘Victorian’ or cheeky. It is simply a love and tender act. 

How do you do that? Even if our phones are getting more powerful every day, we can not rely only on them. If you want a perfect setting, a beautiful pic and a bit of creativity it is better to ask a professional photographer. Why? Because you will have by your side a person able to decide which is the best light for the photos, how you can pose for a better result and on and on. Moreover, thanks to professional family photography you will also add a creative touch to your pictures! Especially with newly born babies and young kids a photography session can become a funny and absolutely wonderful day, full of laughing. 

Furthermore, while taking part in the family photoshoot, you can enjoy your day out with your children, you can even set up a background as your kid favourite fairytale or adventure! You can let your creativity flow and with the help of the magic art of photography, you will fix in time the best moments of your life. Imagine how wonderful it will be, some years later on, leafing through your family photo album and showing your children the pictures of their childhood years, and recalling with them those funny days spent together!