Family photoshoot gift voucher

It is not easy to find a perfect gift. Even if the person is your best friend, part of your closest people in the world or a relative. Finding the special present, the one that will make everyone blush and happy is not an easy ride. Of course, as everyone in this world, you probably only want the best for your loved ones. So, instead of rushing back and forth between shopping malls and boutiques, why don’t you try something different this year? We introduce you to the family photoshoot gift voucher!

At Studio Milla, we take feelings and surprises so seriously, that we will not let you down and we will take care of every aspect of the photo session. You can just walk in, explain to us who is the gift recipient and buy the voucher of the value you choose. Then it is all in our hands.

What we offer is different kinds of family portraits, from couples to babies. What do we mean? Well, we put all our efforts into this art, this magical art that can capture the lovely moments spent together. In modern days we are all so used to rush and run through our lives, sometimes forgetting how important it is to relax and take care of our loved ones. At Studio Milla, we believe that fixing in time your wonderful memories, capturing on film all those special occasions are an extraordinary activity that fulfills us as professionals but, above all, it fulfills you with incredible art experience. 

You can choose a voucher for a family photoshoot meaning that your special family can join us in the studio or on an outside location for a session entirely devoted to them. The kids can play, parents can show all their love for each other and their children, and siblings can have fun together. This day out for a family portrait photo shoot will capture the true essence of your family and loved ones. 

Alternatively, you can choose a gift voucher for a baby session or even for newborn photography exclusively at home, in the comfort and safety of your house. The result? A classic and timeless portrait of the joy of your life, your newborn. 

Moreover, before the baby will be born you can choose as a maternity gift a voucher for a bump to the baby photo session. What does that mean? Simply that we will help the mother to capture the special moments during her pregnancy and after the baby is born on beautiful photographs.

Whoever is your special person do not lose the opportunity of giving them something that will be remembered in time: we will offer you the perfect gift: a photo session voucher!