How to be prepared for the family photoshoot

As you may know, when you decide to take a photo session, and particularly a family portrait photo shoot, you need to plan in advance all the details: setting, atmosphere, lights… Of course, for this part we will be on your side and you will carefully plan everything together. However, on the day of the shooting, what do you need to wear? And do you need to bring something along with you? Well, here is our small guide on what to bring and how to be prepared for your family photoshoot.

1.    What to wear

We stressed this point many times but it is never enough: a family photoshoot is something very personal, emotional and unique. Therefore, you need to feel comfortable, even – and especially – in what you and your family are wearing. Do not stress too much, do not pretend to be someone else. When you have decided the theme and atmosphere of the family portraits, dress up accordingly – try to match the colours but the members of the family should not look all the same! Pinterest is really helpful and full of ideas. If you decide to look casual, just wear what you usually wear, if you want to look elegant, bring along your smart clothes to the setting. If you decided for family portraits in the studio please do not leave home already dressed up, just bring with you the clothes and then get changed.

2.    Sleep and eat

A family photoshoot, especially on a day out, can be long and tiring. We suggest a good sleep the night before and a good breakfast in the morning: you will all come to the shooting fresh and strong, able to be the protagonists of the day! Bring along also a snack if you are not planning to have lunch: it will always help, especially with little children!

3.    Games and fun

Talking about children… well, bring along some toys or games (that can also be used during the photo shoot) to entertain your children during the breaks. Otherwise, they will probably get bored and no one wants that! 

4.    A bit of make-up

Of course, we are concerned about all the ladies out there! Well, no worries, book our professional make up artist in advance or bring along your make-up set and you will have time to fix and be beautiful… as you already are!

5.    Accessories

We talked about toys and games that can be used as part of the setting, but also accessories or small objects can be part of the setting if you have a particular bond with them. So bring along your accessories… but not too many, so, as usual, plan in advance!

6.    Be yourself

Just be yourself: as simple as that. Enjoy the moments, have fun with your loved ones in front of the camera, be natural and everything will run smoothly. You are perfect, as a family, you are lovely: that’s the only thing that matters during our family photoshoot and the art of the camera will capture exactly this!