Family portrait photographer in London

This post will focus on different ideas on how incredible family photography can be. But first, you will need an amazing family portrait photographer to get the job done right!

I would like to dedicate this post for the purpose of inspiring readers to be more creative when it comes to children and family photography. I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve due to having gone though tons of photo shoots. Ever more, I believe I should share this knowledge with you so as to inspire you. One rule in general is a must for amazing family photos. And that is to get a talented family portrait photographer.

family portrait with grandma on the bench in the park

How can you find one you might ask? Easy! Nowadays, a lot of parents do research online and do the usual Google Search. Although, this method might also be effective, it won’t necessarily guarantee you the best options out there.

I always judge a photographer by their portfolio of work and references. Word of mouth marketing in my opinion is the best type of marketing a family photographer can have. I would also follow my friend’s advice after having a very pleasant experience with a family portrait photographer. Logically, there would be no risk to choose that respective photographer. That’s why I am going to do you a fantastic favour and refer you to an amazing family portrait photographer.

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Children and family photography with Studio Milla

Studio Milla is a wonderful boutique photography studio. In my experience, going to smaller studios always results in higher satisfaction and a better experience in general. It’s way more personal than going to a large photography studio – which might I add is over-priced. Especially, for the quality of work and the delivery of service you get. Not worth it at all.

best family portrait photographer London UK

Milla is the family portrait photographer. She is one of the up and coming photographers in London. One of the best if you ask me. Not only does she have an amazing portfolio of work, but she also has amazing references from her clients. Just looking at her photos, it’s no wonder that her clients keep rebooking her and that her availability gets booked up fast.

family with son standing on the park

What is even more impressive is the range of photography products she offers in her boutique photography studio. You can select from beautiful fine art prints, to modern framed prints – each carefully crafted with the utmost care. There is also an option to select a hand-made finished family album that will keep your memories lasting forever. My favourite type of product though is the high-end wall art. You should treat yourself like a celebrity when it comes to amazing family photography.

If your family portrait photographer captures a beautiful and emotional moment, turn it into art and print it! Get a large framed fine art prints and hang them on the walls in your house.

Ideas for a photoshoot

If you’ve got children at home, then it’s most likely that they will be fans of the famous Harry Potter sequel. Who isn’t- right? People might think that I am too old to watch Harry Potter. But I shamelessly admit, I love the books and I love all the movies. I am a big fan. In any case, if you ask your family portrait photographer for one of the best locations for photo shoots with children, she will agree with me. The Platform 9 ¾ of Harry Potter at King’s Cross is a fabulous idea for any photography involving children. They will feel like a true magician themselves.

father is flipping over his little daughter Hyde Park London

Some families go quite deep into the Harry Potter theme and dress up in the cloaks as seen in the movie itself. To be completely honest, I would love to have this type of adventure for one day. If I love it, your kids will surely love it too. It is a very inspired idea for children and family photography. Your photographer will definitely love to capture these fun moments with your family.

creative family portrait photographer London

More inspiration for creative locations

Speaking of rather untraditional children photography locations, there is one that also pops to my mind. Have you ever heard of LeadenHall Market in London? I love an amazing space there with all the colours. It should definitely inspire your family portrait photographer. Moreover, it should inspire you to get lost in the moment of colours.

family sitting on the stairs in the garden

And if you’ve never heard of Flying Books in London, then I definitely urge you to search this on Google. Right now! Prepare to be blown away ? If anything, I bet your next children and family photo sessions will take place there.

Photo shoot in the nature

Have you ever heard of the Isabella Plantation? It’s not Hyde Park. It’s definitely wilder and has more scenery. This spectacular location in a secret spot in London. I would say, it might even be one of the best outdoor locations in London. Comparatively to the other central parks, it doesn’t have the usual crowds. You’ll have enough space to execute all the stunts you want. Plus, you won’t be disturbed by people around you.

best London baby photography

This location is a great location to shoot in the spring or summer time. You’ll find vast amounts of flowers, which can be the perfect backdrop for a family portrait. Moreover, you’ll have a stunning view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sounds like my type of location. My recommendation is to either go in the morning to capture that crisp morning light. Otherwise, a beautiful sunset photo with golden sunset lighting never fails.

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