Family portraits ideas

Usually, when people think about family portraits, they imagine boring sessions in front of the camera, a classical background and forced smiles. Well, forget completely about that! At Studio Milla, we propose something completely different for your family portrait photo shooting. We are big fans of wonderful and cosy outside places but we love also more intimate atmospheres at home or in our studio. Well, we love the art of photography, we want you to feel comfortable in front of the lens, and we also want you to be creative and be entertained. Therefore, here are five creative and curious family portraits ideas for you!

family portraits ideas London Hamley's

Take inspiration from your heroes or… superheroes!

Why don’t you dress up as in that movie scene you love so much? Or why don’t you follow the steps of the greatest rock musicians in town, like the zebra crossing of the Beatles or the Battersea station of the Pink Floyd as a background? You can draw a lot of inspiration from the icons of the glittering world that lived in London. Alternatively, you can do even more, and take the role of the superhero with your kids! They will for sure enjoy it for sure!

Be wild!

In the city of London, we are lucky enough to have many parks… some of them are really astonishing and a bit wild! So why don’t we take a day out and go for a session in nature? Moreover, don’t be afraid to be messy… you and your kids can play with leaves, bushes and roll on the grass.

Go out in style

On the other hand, maybe you prefer a bit of glamour and style. No problem! We will be glad to accompany you in a fancy street as Carnaby or in the Chelsea neighbourhood. So put up some marvellous clothes for one day and be a star walking around London!

Change perspective

Actually, there is no need to disguise to be creative… we can simply change perspectives! A great way to involve your children is to see the world as they see it, so we will put ourselves, and the camera of course, at their height and we will see the world from another angle!

Be you, at your house

Home sweet home, right? So there is nothing more special than being at home and doing what you normally do during the day. Cook and eat together, play around, just embrace your love. We will capture these special moments so you will remember your family portrait photoshoot as something simple, elegant and forever yours.