Frequently Asked Questions

information about me as a London photographer and photo sessions

When did you start working as a photographer?

I have been interested in photography since I remember. However, my interest developed with the birth of my daughter. It was then that I wanted to document every single moment of the life of my little baby. I was taking lots of photos of my newborn daughter, her tiny body, little feet, cute smiles and capturing all the changes in her development which were coming day after day, week after week. This is how I became aware that photography is what I want to do in my life. It is my passion which I develop every day.

What kind of photographs do you take?

I specialize in wedding photography, newborn, baby and children photography as well as family portraits. I also photograph “bellies”, which is pregnancy photography. I shoot business portraits, I take corporate photos, and I run commercial sessions. Basically, I love photographing people. Apart from my specializations listed above I can run other types of sessions as well, for instance some family events.

What equipment do you use?

I use the highest quality professional photographic equipment. It includes professional Canon cameras: Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark III and Canon 5 D Mark II. As far as lenses are concerned I use 35mm 1.4 L, 85mm 1.2 L, and 70-200mm 2.8 IS L. These are all outstanding products designed for professional photographers. They ensure the best quality pictures.

What are your favourite lenses?

My favourite lens is Canon 85mm 1.2 L. It is great for people shots, especially portraits.

What kind of light do you use?

I use mainly natural light available in the venue. During studio photo sessions I use flash.

How do you process the photographs?

I shoot RAW and then I retouch the photos using professional graphic programs, such as Adobe Photoshop. I am knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to processing photographs. I usually apply basic processing of a photograph, like colour correction and gentle skin retouching.

Where do you work?

I am based in London. But I can work anywhere in the world, wherever my clients are.

Do you travel?

Of course! I travel a lot.

Do you have a studio?

I don’t have my own studio in London yet, but if it is necessary for a photo session, I do rent one.

How much do you charge?

The charge depends on many factors. It depends mainly on the time of my work (taking pictures and processing them) and on the amount of pictures that a client wants to receive. If the photo session is outside London it also involves additional costs of travelling to the venue. Please contact me to specify details.

How can I book you for a photo session?

If you want to book a photo session, email me at I will check my availability and we will decide on a suitable date.

How far in advance should I book you?

Try to book a photo session as soon as possible, especially when the date is fixed, like weddings.

How long does a photography session take?

The length of a photo session depends on its type. Children or family sessions usually take about 2 hours. Newborn sessions may be a bit longer. The longest are usually wedding sessions.

How should I prepare for a photography session? What should I wear and bring with me?

Many clients ask me what to wear for a photography session. The best are simple clothes, rather plain than with contrasting colours or patterns. Clothes with big logos or cartoon characters should be avoided too as they distract the picture. You can prepare some clothes to change during a session too.

If you are preparing for a family session with small children or for a children session, it’s a good idea to bring a drink, a snack, or a favourite child’s toy. Also, prepare your baby for a photo session by feeding them beforehand. What else? Relax and smile.

Is a photography session safe for my little baby?

Of course, I always care for your baby’s safety. During a photo sessions, babies are posed in a way that is absolutely safe for them. Don’t worry – a photo session is entirely safe even for a few day old newborn.

What if it rains on the photo session day?

Rain is not a problem. In case of bad weather we can organize a photo session inside. It can be your house or any other venue. There are a lot of possibilities.

Do you work with an assistant?

When I run family or children photo sessions, I don’t need an assistant. However, if an additional person is necessary for a particular session, then I work with an assistant.

How long do I wait for my photographs?

It takes me about two weeks to prepare your children or family photographs. When it comes to a wedding reportage it usually takes up to a month.

How many pictures do you usually take?

I always take a lot of pictures during photo sessions. During family or wedding photography sessions I prefer not to pose my subjects in a particular way. I rather want them to behave in a natural way and interact with each other and I am there to capture the precious moments.

How many photographs do I receive?

In case of children or family photography I prepare about 50 retouched photographs, and clients choose as many as they wish out of them. As far as wedding photography is concerned, the number of photographs depends on the chosen package, it is from 50 to 200 photos.

Do you offer prints or albums?

I offer photographs in various forms. You can order prints and photo albums, but also other products, such as photobooks, coffee table books, canvas or personalized CD boxes. I have plenty of such products on offer. Contact me to ask for details and prices.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Please visit my portfolio where you can find photographs of different categories of my specialization. Visit also my facebook or instagram profiles where you can see the most recent news and photos.

How can I contact you?

Please contact me via email: or telephone 07453 300 251.

As I travel a lot, I’m not always able to answer the phone, so it is best to contact me by sending me an email.