Professional fine art prints

Think of the last time when you were truly moved a large scale print. Generally, you spot these prints at galleries, exhibitions, sometimes even in cafes. However, the most common way to find prints are in your friends’ lofts. Trust me, I am a hundred percent sure that if you really think hard, you will name at least three friends who have these hanging on their walls. Unusually, the photos hang in the living room, bathroom (very common for newborn photography) or the entry hall. Next time, take a good look and inspire yourself! What better artwork to have on your walls than displaying your gorgeous children.

Black and white fine art prints

I recently saw the most beautiful framed print at my friend’s house. Let me describe the perfect child portrait, which was obviously in black and white. First, the black and white context made the photo very emotional and deep. My friend’s little girl had the most stunning blue eyes that just pieced out of the photograph. And cleverly, the photographer placed the little girl against a black, almost charcoal backdrop setting. This really brought out the beauty of my friend’s daughter, and made the photo print out worth a million bucks.

best children portrait photography London

It looked stunning and was an excellent example of how children portrait photography can be turned into pieces of art. One day, her little girl will treasure this photo. But, it’s incredible how much impressions and emotions you can get just by looking at child’s portrait hanging on your friend’s wall.

Book now

Therefore, if you are considering capturing the moment at which your little is right now, then book the professional photographer now. There is no time to waste! Our children grow and change every single day. You’ll definitely take notice, especially if you travel a lot for business for a couple of days from time to time. This happens to me all the time. Whenever I come back, I can see my little angels grow.
Still, it’s important to book the professional photographer now, as the holiday season is coming up. Moreover, the amazing photographers are generally high in demand. You’ll need a month of pre-booking time, but this of course depends on the photographer’s schedule. Who knows, maybe he or she might have a cancellation due to a client being ill. You never know if you might get lucky.

professional fine art prints from London family photographer

Boutique photography studio offering framed fine art prints

The best type of photography studio you should look for though, are the boutique ones. Why? Usually, boutique photography studios offer a full-service package and specialise in a given type of photography, Therefore, it would be great if you found yourself a photographer who knows everything about children photography. The benefit of booking your children portrait photography sessions in a smaller studio is the higher specialisation.

The photographer will know exactly what’s best in terms of delivering the perfect photograph. Plus, he or she has done this a million times, and can whole heartedly recommend something amazing to you. Moreover, the extra customer service and the personal touch is definitely worth mentioning.

cream box with matted fine art prints

Not only is this your chance to find an excellent children portrait photographer, but also create a bond that will secure you a regular family photographer. There is nothing better than when your children are comfortable with your photographer. So, use this chance to book a photographer that specialises in children portrait photography in London and has a boutique studio.

a girl holding her newborn brother white framed fine art print

Good idea

The general frustration with having print outs, is that people tend to think that they can do them by themselves. However, this process is far more complicated that it all appears at first. There are so many details to think about. These are the general questions that go through the photographer’s head when selecting the correct photos for print outs.

What size should the print out be to make the photograph most visually appealing?
Should I retouch and apply a special effect?
Should I zoom in on a certain element?
Will it work on a white wall?
Should I frame the print?
Should I use wood, golden, white or silver frame?

London family photography offering fine art prints

And these are just the basics guys! There is so much to think about when it comes to composition, complementary colours and textures. So selecting prints are not easy.

Professional fine art prints

With all the question needing to be answered, you should just put your feet up and not worry about a thing. If it were me, I would like to walk out with the best product possible, which is what you will get should you go for the fine art prints directly from the photographer. First, you will get fair pricing. If you took your digital files to the copy shop, chances are that they will print out the wrong version of the photo. Those guys don’t put any emotions into the printing process. They just press the button and get the next coming order. Plus, they over charge you like crazy.

wall art in the nursery room newborn photography

With the professional photographer, you’ll get the full-service package and a fair deal. Lastly, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision, when you see the most beautiful fine art prints of you and your child on your wall. Finally, something that your friends can admire!