How to plan your first birthday session

First birthday photoshoots can become extremely stressful if they are not well planned in advance. So, how do you take a one year old photoshoot? Here are some tips and tricks to make your first birthday session go as smoothly as possible.


First birthday photo session can be held either at your home or in the studio. Each photoshoot is different from any other as much as your child is unique. Therefore, after you explored with us the different options and possibilities you have either at home or in the studio, you can choose according to your taste, the attitude of your child towards new places and the possibilities of decorations and use of props.


In our long experience as family photographers, we have learnt how to deal with little children and toddlers in an environment – the studio – that they often perceive as alien. Therefore, a further suggestion we want to give you is to follow our suggestions about planning the shooting. One secret ingredient to a successful result is often a good synergy between the baby’s parents and the photographer: their coordination and most of all their mutual trust help the baby to relax and feel comfortable in a new place and situation during a first birthday photoshoot.


Another good tip is to choose a pretty yet comfortable outfit for your baby. This will make them feel more at ease, they will move freely and won’t be distracted during the session. Moreover, you want to choose the outfit well in advance before the shooting so you can try it on your baby: this helps them to get used to it and on the day of the photoshoot you will be sure your toddler won’t be annoyed by it.


At this young age, toddlers need to rest a lot to feel at their best. This is important for a first birthday session. They need to be well-rested and fed and photographers who have already worked with small children know that very well. For this reason, we usually organise a first birthday photoshoot around the needs of your little one. This means that the session can be scheduled around the best time for your toddler to have enough energy to face the shooting happy and relaxed.


First birthday session with a cake smash?

When planning a first birthday session with a cake smash, the cake is an essential element that adds to the fun and excitement of the shoot. Whether you choose to make or buy the cake, make sure it's visually appealing and safe for your baby to eat. You can customise the cake to match the theme or colour scheme of the other props and decorations. The cake will not only make for adorable photos but also create a memorable experience for your little one.

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