London Hyde Park family photography

Regardless if you are a Londoner or not, you have most likely heard of Hyde Park. Hyde Park is not only the biggest park in London, but also one of the most famous parks in the world. Probably it is only rivalled by Central Park in New York City. Have you even been? If yes, then you’ll definitely know what I am talking about. I am about to reveal to you one of the best locations for taking family pictures. Therefore, you should definitely check out Hyde Park family photography!

black and white London Hyde Park family photography

You should go get a refill of whatever you are drinking. Whether it be tea, coffee, lemonade. Or dare I say it, wine or beer. No judgment. Anyways, go get yourself a refill because, there are really too many amazing things about Hyde Park I have to tell you.

Hyde Park is humongous and full of history. Yes, it is. If you think it’s huge now, I can’t wait to see what you think of this. In fact, Hyde Park used to be even bigger in the past! It used to be fully merged with Kensington Gardens to the south; however the two parks have been divided since 1728. But the history of Hyde Park goes back all the way to the Middle Ages, where the grounds were woods connected to the manor of Hyde.

mum and her daughter lying on the grass and making funny faces in Hyde Park London UK

The land has since then seen it all. From royal hunting grounds to a military camp during the plague of London. I bet you anything, that if you took one of those metal detection scanners, you probably might find something. However, it will be deep in the earth. After all, it’s been a couple of years since the Middle Ages!

Since then, the park has taken on a more cheerful and festive face, though still maintaining the link to the royal family. Starting with the coronation of King George IV in 1821, the park saw the latest royal celebrations at Queen Elizabeth’s extraordinary diamond jubilee in 2012.

Family photoshoot in Hyde Park is one of many activities you can do here in London. Especially in Kensington Gardens. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place for catching the perfect light in pictures.

black and white Hyde Park family photography London UKOn occasion, you might even have food or drinks stands. Sometimes, I see people having a dance or yoga class on the gorgeous green grass. Hyde Park truly has a lot to offer. And don’t forget about grey squirrels everywhere!

There is something super positive about this park. Pop and rock concerts are featured on a regular basis, and there are several sports facilities such as tennis courts and football pitches to be found there. Not to mention the world famous “speaker’s corner” where everyone can voice their opinion on small or larger issues.

funny photo of nanny holding a little girl in Hyde Park

A celebrity might be sitting right next to you. Sometimes, I often catch a celebrity reading on the park bench next to me or jogging. But I won’t tell you which ones 😉 You should go out there, and while you do your family photoshoot in Hyde Park, take a good look around. Sometimes, these celebrities are extremely hard to spot, because they wear huge glasses and hoodies. However, if you know which ones are around, and you start visiting Hyde Park regularly, you’ll notice the occasional celebrity.

You know, the royal family actually lives quite close by. Hint hint. No, I am just joking. A royal member will never go unnoticed in these gardens. Especially here in Britain. Don’t worry though; even if you’re not close to the royal family, there is plenty to do in Hyde Park.

Coming back to Hyde Park, what a fantastic location for a vacation family photoshoot with your kids!

If you live in or near London, you really shouldn’t miss out on the chance to have a portrait of your family professionally taken in Hyde Park. The scenery is spectacular whichever time of the year you chose.

Hyde Park family photography squirrel

Whether you go in spring where the leaves are just starting to pop out. Or if you come in the summer, where the park is covered in green as far as the eye can see, not to mention the flowers and the bouts on the lake.

For that matter if you come in the fall where the scenery has turned a golden yellow and brown as the leaves start to fall. Or even on a snow-covered winter’s day, Hyde Park is a beautiful location for a lifestyle family photoshoot.

Autumn child portrait in Hyde Park London family photoshoot

Not only is it the perfect excuse to make a family outing or a picnic in the park, it will also give you the most beautiful and memorable portrait photos of your children and the whole family. Imagine you children’s smiles and careless faces in the midst of the greenery of the park. Or in front of one of the monuments there, such as the Wellington Arch on Hyde Park corner. Portraits of your children are must have memories, not only for yourself but also for the kids when they grow up.

One more important thing to mention about Hyde Park family photography.

As you know, children can get fed up with taking pictures rather quickly. That’s why Hyde Park is perfect. You kids can just run around later, and play. Furthermore, you too can take a break and read the occasional paper or book while your kids have fun on the gigantic playground! Yes, the playground is probably the best thing about Hyde Park for kids. Before you know it, they’ll be begging you to come back again with them.

mum and daughter in Kensington Gardens Hyde Park London Uk

You know, photography is an ever-popular present for the grandparents. Trust me on this, my parents just love it when you bring them photos of their grandchildren. And if you opt for a professional photo shoot, lifestyle family photography in Hyde Park will be amazing. Truly, capturing a generation of families.

If you are visiting London with your family or you spend your family vacation in London, consider booking a professional family photographer for London vacation family photography.