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Lifestyle family photography

This blog is a great opportunity to join the discussion and get inspired. Are you one of those parents who would love to have a gorgeous family portrait? It is the season for lifestyle family photography in London, you know. You should definitely take advantage of the seasons. Don’t you just love spring? I can tell you from personal experience, that I just love when you walk around in the park on or on a street and see all those beautiful flowers everywhere.

I just love to let that moment of realisation sink in, so that I come to the conclusion that there has been a seasonal change. Suddenly, when you breathe in that fresh air, you feel a bit different. Personally, I generally feel a physical change but also a mental change in myself. My mental state is wanting to capture those gorgeous moments when the trees are blooming. What I also love about spring is the smell of the flowers.

Hyde Park lifestyle family photography London

Professional photographers must be so inspired to use the lovely seasonal change as a backdrop, especially for children and family photography.

lifestyle family photography London

good weather

If you are a fan of natural scenery and some gorgeous tones of green and pink in the background, then call your family now. Set a date for getting together. Whether it be calling up grandma and grandpa. Or good old aunt Jackie and crazy Uncle Tom. There is nothing better than organising a lovely family photo session. A word of the wise, if I were you, I’d think this through. First, I’d look at the weather and see which day is least likely to have that miserable British weather. Sometimes, it’s very easy to get surprised by some windy rainy weather. Especially in London. Therefore, I recommend monitoring the weather forecast a week in advance and planning your activities. Even though I know that this is very unreliable and is subject to change quite easily.

smiling daughter and dad in the park black and white portrait family photography in London

find a park

Once you’ve picked the date, the next thing you’ll need to do is to choose the park. There is plenty of amazing parks for you to choose from for lifestyle family photography.

Why don’t you try going into Hyde Park? Click right here Children photography Hyde Park London to read my post, explaining why Hyde park is probably one of the best parks in London. Generally, I can tell you that Hyde park is literally one of my favourite parks in central London for lifestyle family photoshoots. It can accommodate a lot of people, it’s full of green and it has stunning visuals. If you’ve never been, then I advise you to take a peak and make some pictures of the amazing lake there.

Lastly, if you’ve got impatient kids at your side, demanding to leave or crying that they are bored, not to worry. Hyde Park can satisfy the neediest kids out there. It has a wonderful playground in the heart of the city, which is also perfect for making high-energy family photos. At the end of the day, my favourite thing will always be the fact that there is a seamlessly never-ending range of trees. Moreover, with each tree being different colour, the tones that you can achieve can be out of this world!

lifestyle family photography London Spring time Notting Hill London

Dogs are family

I just recently saw one of the cutest family photographs ever! Of course, being an animal lover, people who know me would say that I feel the same about any photo with a dog. Even so, putting this fact aside, I still think that the photo was amazing. I captured the perfect silhouette of the dog in the foreground, while the family was in the background. It was literally a perfect photo with dogs included.

best family photography with dogs

Plus, dogs and cats are really amazing. Not once has my dogs been there for me when I needed affection or some understanding. Animals have this extra sensory feeling, where they know when you are not feeling well. I think that’s why many of the dogs are also being used in modern medicine to cure depressions. I even read that a university in the USA has a dedicated puppy room for its students during heavy exam time. They allow students to come in a play with the puppies to take of the edge. How amazing is that, right? With all the amazingness that our pets bring into our lives, why not involve them into your family photoshoot?

family portrait with two children on the grass

There is no reason why your pets should miss out on a wonderful photo session. A top recommended place for a stunning photoshoot and a dog-friendly park is the Alexandra Palace and its park. Another park that is excellent for bringing your furry friends is Battersea Park or Regent’s Park . Have a look and let me know how it works out for you. I don’t think however, that it should be too big of a deal.

Come prepared

Remember to bring some candy for the kids. Some toys or dog treats for the doggies. Lastly, some Prosecco and biscuits for the adults. And, dare I say, perhaps a blanket for the grandparents? Everybody has certain needs, so you should come prepared. This way you can fully enjoy the day and keep focused on getting that perfect shot. Lifestyle family photography is not an easy thing to execute. The more family members, the more complex it is to manage. And you will have some great memories together captured on the photographs. It is really worth it!

portrait of little girl with cornflower wreath on her head spring family photoshoot