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Time flies, doesn’t it? Sometimes we don’t even realise how fast our children grow in this day and age. Did you ever take a look at Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings? The one with the clocks. Oh, what’s it called. Someone help me out for Pete’s sake. Hmmm. I know! It’s called the Persistence of Memory. It’s a gorgeous and priceless painting, being one the masterpieces in the turn of this century. My point is, that Dali tries to illustrate in this paining, how slow time goes sometimes and how we tend to forget things with time. Well, no offence to Mr. Dali, but I disagree. The older I am, the more I realise how time seems to be just ticking. However, I do agree that as time goes on, our memory doesn’t. Here is where London baby photography can help.

Yes, we tend to ignore or forget things after some time. We are human and this is normal. Don’t beat yourself up. We don’t have super computer brains that can store every image or every memory. Although, there are savants (geniuses with special super human capabilities) out there that can do. But, we are only talking about a handful of people here. Maximum twenty on this planet that we know of. In any case, think about the fact how time flies when your children grow. Do you even remember how they change?

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London baby photography is super handy for this…

Case in point

I am a business woman and I work in the consulting field. You wouldn’t believe me that I just had a baby recently would you haha? Yes, I am the type of mom that you would call a super mom. Trying to do it all while being home and spending time with my baby. Not so easy ladies, not easy at all! But working hard to give my baby a better life is totally worth it! Don’t you think. And I believe that there are plenty of mother’s out there that work even harder or as hard and I just want to pay respect for all these hardworking women! Anyways, since I travel on longer weekly trips, I came to the realisation that London baby photography might not be such a bad idea after all!

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When I started to go in and out on business, I would literally see the change in my baby’s face. Her features changed, she grew a little more hair every now and again. I mean, it’s incredible how fast children change. The point I want to make here is that, I only recognised this when I didn’t see my little baby for a while. It’s like looking in the mirror and gaining or losing a few pounds. You don’t realise that you gain a few pounds, only after a few weeks.

So, in the end I decided to take action and hired a professional photographer for a baby photography shoot. I swear to you, this is the best way to capture your babies growing. You only realise it when you don’t see them for a while. However, the photo reveals everything. You’ll be surprised to see how your baby has grown. Look into London baby photography, it’s really worth it.

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