London baby photoshoot with Studio Milla

At Studio Milla, we are more than happy to open up our doors and welcome you and your family in our studio in Notting Hill for a London baby photoshoot. But, we are also glad to reach your house and capture the intimacy of your daily life in your comfort zone. London baby photoshoot black and white

We believe that the comfort of your own home is the best for newborn photography and help us creating natural and lifestyle family portraits with your newborn baby. That’s why we recommend newborn photo session at home not in the studio. We are well known for our black and white style of newborn photography, timeless and beautiful. We love the simplicity without any special props.

natural newborn photography London

London baby photoshoot for all babies from 6 month old can be done on outdoor location, at your home or in the studio. So, that’s the big question, studio or home? Well, it is a decision that depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on which kind of setting do you prefer. You can choose, in fact, a more traditional and familiar background, where you can be comfortable with your kids, especially with older babies and toddlers . And that leads more naturally to the home decision. black and white London baby photoshoot at home Or maybe you prefer a more adventurous space, where you can be free to start anew, like with a blank page, and be creative with your family. And that’s the power of the studio. Do you think this is complicated? Oh well, we are with you to support and let you choose the right place for you. London baby photoshoot in a studio

A part from your personal taste regarding the setting you will need to consider also other aspects when you need to make such a decision. Remember that during a photoshoot, a professional photographer will use also some of your accessories (small or big) and furniture to create the setting. You can choose to use your own at home, or you can bring along some of your favourite things to the studio, where, with the help of our assistants, we will create a complete different setting.

black and white London family photography studio Also lights can be different: your home has a completely different light in comparison with a studio, so the final result of baby photoshoot can be completely different. Of course, light can be fixed and modified by a professional photographer, but you need to take into consideration different shades and results. family photoshoot london with a baby

Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that probably children, especially babies, will be more at ease in their own environment i.e. Home. With babies at home, therefore, you will need many things, which maybe you do not want to carry around until you reach the studio, while at home you will have everything you need to take care of the baby within hand-reach. Of course, we at Studio Milla will help you also with the necessities for babies, so you do not need to worry about it if we plan London baby photoshoot in advance. modern children photography in London

Yes, because the secret is always the same: plan in advance. It is true that photography is a creative art, but everything behind it, settings, tools, organisation of the slots, requires time: so again, come to visit us at the studio and plan in advance, we will make your family photoshoot with your baby unforgettable, anywhere, be home or studio. children & family photoshoot in London best baby photo shoot London best baby photoshoot London