London children photography at the playground

If you are currently living in London, then you probably have a couple of your favourite playgrounds. Trust me, I know how hectic and chaotic playgrounds get. I used to watch over four kids in a very busy playground in Paris, and it was utter chaos. What I loved most about this, is that my kids would go play happily with the others, and I could finally get some relax time. Yes, even in the madness, I loved the atmosphere of the playground and importantly I love the authenticity of the kid’s smiles on their face. If you are looking for high energy photos, then London children photography at a playground is definitely for you!

What I love most about these types of photos on the playground, is that you capture the true nature of the kids. You’ll get amazing photos of the kids jumping around, being silly, swinging from a tree and doing cartwheels. Kids on the playgrounds are one of my favourite themes for London children photography.So what type of photographs can you get in a playground?

High energy pictures

You’ll definitely need a professional for this type of London children photography.

You’ll need an advanced setting on your camera, so that your pictures aren’t blurry.

best London children photography

Usually, it’s called a sport setting. Basically, what this does is, that it doesn’t blur any faces while your kids will be moving.
Anyways, with this setting, you can get amazing pictures of your kids climbing on the monkey bars, cartwheeling in the grass, and running around with their friends. Other types of high energy pictures you can do are: doing hand stands, amazing pictures while on the swing, etc.

Group pictures are the best

What better way to capture the happiness of a child than with their friends. Group photos be one of the most charming things ever.

One day, your kids will look back at their friends and see how little they all were. Plus, the more kids the merrier. They will add a certain positivity to your beautiful photos. However, be very careful when doing these.

First, not all parents will allow you to take pictures of their kids. So, just ask around and make sure you have the consent of every parent involved at the playground. Second, when kids get too excited, they will become uncontrollable.

 You know how children love the camera. They will push and pull just to get in front for some attention.

Therefore, when considering more children involved in the photoshoot, hire a pro. They know exactly how to handle these types of situations. And yes, candy is the common reward for keeping calm.

Nonetheless, I love taking pictures are the playground. The diversity of pictures you can get is extraordinary.

You’ll have about a hundred of frames to choose from, and each one will be better than the next. If you choose a good playground with some trees in the background, even better! So, are you up for the playground challenge?