Beautiful London Christmas family photoshoot

Have you been wanting to send out a fun Christmas card this year to your family? Then you should book a London Christmas family photoshoot today!

Every year, I have more and more families sending me some amazing postcards and Christmas card. Most of the Christmas cards include a very fun-looking family portrait. I have always wanted to do one with my husband and my family, but I always thought that I was too old for this type of stuff. However, my husband made me reconsider and told me that this would be a great opportunity to have some fun. Especially with our silly relatives. Haha, I can’t wait to receive those phone calls. In any case, this year we are doing a London Christmas family photoshoot. We look so much forward to it. It’s going to be great fun.

London Christmas family photoshoot

Which theme?

First of all, you won’t need to come prepared. The professional photographer has everything you’ll need for a London Christmas family photoshoot. Even if you want to do one of more themes. Don’t worry, the photographer will have plenty of fun face accessories. So, you can be Rudolf the red nose reindeer, or Santa, or an elf. There are so many things you can disguise yourself with. But you don’t necessarily need a disguise to make a beautiful holiday Christmas card. You can, but you don’t need to. It all depends how silly you want to be and how silly the card should read. Sometimes, just wearing your favourite wool Christmas jumper is enough to translate that this is a special Christmas card.

Christmas family photoshoot London

 You can also go for a very simple and elegant London Christmas family photoshoot.

London Christmas family photoshoot

You know what they say. Beauty is in the simplicity of things. It could be one of the traditional photos with a gorgeous fireplace in the background and a lovely decorated tree. You can personalise your Christmas cards in the end with a warm Christmas greeting. With the London Christmas family photoshoot in place, you’ll definitely stand out amongst your family members this year.

Choose your location

The best part about a London Christmas family photoshoot, is that you can be creative and choose the location yourself. You can do it at home by your own Christmas tree. Or you can also do it outside while it’s snowing. Should we be so lucky. I haven’t seen decent snow forever! Something to do with global warming I guess. In any case, you can also have your photo taken by the city Christmas tree while you are all wearing your hats and your coats. Now that’s the Christmas spirit. Or a personal favourite of my friend’s, have your Christmas card with Santa.

Yes, you heard me, with Santa. Sometimes, shopping malls have the opportunity to have a photo taken with Santa. Kids love it and there is generally massive line where you can wait for up to half an hour. I’m not sure if this is your cup of tea, but it sure would make a funny Christmas family portrait.

Turn it into a tradition

unique London Christmas family photoshootI always say, once you send your first Christmas card, you will always send one out every year. It will also become a sort of an expectation from your family members. So, you should already expect that next year you will be having another London Christmas family photoshoot. Otherwise, you’ll get these types of questions: why did you send out las year and not this year? Yes, people really do notice these things. Make sure they notice the good ones.

As I said before, once you start sending out Christmas cards it will become a family tradition. You can even collect them each year and have a special album collecting family Christmas cards. What you can do is to pick a different theme or location each year. That would be tons of fun and it would keep the element of surprise for your card receivers. Trust me, the more fun you have with these Christmas cards, the more your card receivers will love them. Why not give your family a holiday laugh and remind them to get back into the holiday mood? You just never know whose day you’ll improve with a fun family portrait.

Christmas card is also a photo

Speaking of family portraits, did you notice that the Christmas card is actually a family portrait too?

Therefore, the London Christmas family photoshoot is actually a family portrait photoshoot too.

London Christmas family photoshoot ideas

How cool is that? You get to do two things in one go. If you make the card really elegant and simple, you can even print your family photoshoot on a large scale and frame your favourite photo.

However, I do recommend separating the two topics or themes. I suggest making the London Christmas family photoshoot have two deliverables. One would be the actual Christmas card, where you can go with the Christmas theme all the way. The other one would be making a wonderful professional family portrait. How great would that be, having two memorable photos that you can cherish for a long time to come? Think about it, I think this idea is definitely worth it.

Personalise the card

Once you are done with your Christmas card, don’t forget to personalise it. Add a happy holidays slogan. Or something funny. I am sure you all have a funny thing or funny family memory you would like to share. Just add the decoration or add on effects you want in the photo. Add the text and you are done. If it was my Christmas card, I would go with the traditional “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. And not to worry, the professional photographer will account for the additional text to be added later. So, no need to panic that you won’t have space.

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Are you finally getting into the holiday spirit? I have already got my favourite Christmas jumpers ready. Especially that it’s so cold! Tis the season to be jolly as they say. Make sure you book your London Christmas family photoshoot.