London family photo shoot on location

Did you consider getting your next London family photo shoot taken on a location rather than in a photographer’s studio? If not then you should! And what better location than the city of London. With all its sights and attractions! If you don’t live in London, it’s the ideal opportunity for you and your family to go there and see them. And at the same time, get some memorable photos, and have your London family photo shoot.

I got a feeling

If you already live in London, then ask yourself this. When was the last time, I was the tourist in my own city? Take the time to see or to rediscover some of those places you think you know. I mean, don’t you know that feeling of “we’ll do the British museum in the next school holiday”. Or “we live right here, we can go see Buckingham Palace anytime we want to” but yet you still don’t?

I know, that I know what that is like – trust me! Well, then it’s time to take your family on a trip to the city center. You know why, so you can do a proper a family photo shoot, with a professional photographer in London. Not only will you have a great day out with the kids, you will also get professional pictures on some of London’s magic locations.

Furthermore, in contrast to a normal studio made family portrait, you get a bonus.

Your London family photo shoot photos will also contain some of the surroundings of central London, and the locations of your choice.

London family photo shoot Big Ben

Not just pretty to look at, but also, and more importantly, a window into the time in which you took the photos.

Years go by so fast

Imagine your kids going through these photos in say 20 years from now. Of course they will laugh at their jumper or the haircut which was in style at the time. I mean think if the photos from your own youth. I know I have some true gems in my album! They will perhaps recognise a shop or a bill board advertising some product from their childhood. Or say “Look! That was how the real London busses look like. Remember?”

If you have kids, you really need to do all you can to capture some of these unique moments in time, when they are growing up.

Because before you know it, they are heading off to university, and will no longer be happy to do London family photo shoot with you.

I myself love to go through photos from when the kids were young. And on occasion I know they do too. A lot of the photos in the old albums, me or my husband took ourselves, but the ones that really stand out are the professionally taken ones. You should really get the pictures form your family photo shoot in the centre of London on print. Even though you might not flip through that album very often, you will look at them differently than files just somewhere on your hard drive, where you forgot about them.