Best locations for London family photo shoots

Finding the right location for London family photo shoots can be hard. That’s why people shouldn’t underestimate researching the locations for family photoshoot! It can be completely personal to some families. A lot of people don’t like to share their family hide out or their secret escapes in London or wherever in England. Where are your secret places?

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break from the bustling city life and get out in the country. And as it happens the spring season is perfect for taking family pictures. The cheeks of your children blushing red after a fresh walk in the woods. The golden colours as a delightful backdrop. What else could you wish for.

Many people do many things to get that perfect family photo. That’s why the locations are important to discuss.

London family photo shoots

So, let’s think about some typical places in London first. Later we can discuss all sorts of wild ideas that might make you stand out as a family unit.

London family photo shoots

Do you live in London? Have you got a trendy apartment somewhere in Chelsea or in Notting Hill? If you do, then consider yourself super lucky. If you live in London, or have been living in London for more than a couple of years, then I am sure you have your favourite spot.

mum and her daughter lying on the grass and making funny faces in Hyde Park

London parks

The general favourite spot to take London family photo shoots or any photographs to speak of is in Hyde Park. People who don’t even live in London have heard of the beauty and popularity of Hyde Park. Being a busy Londoner, we tend to underestimate the things that we have in London, right under our noses.

Nevertheless, Hyde Park is known for its lake, its amazing playgrounds and its vast size. Trees everywhere. Now, it should be the optimal time to take a family photo due to the lovely spring time.

family portrait in front of the brick wall in London

This definitely makes Hyde Park one of the best location for London family photo shoots.

Can’t get any more central than Hyde Park photography. To find out more information on Hyde Park photography, click here: Hyde Park children photography

Another park that might catch your attention is Battersea Park. Located a bit further south, it’s still one of those parks that take your breath away. Why, you might ask? It’s views on the Thames River provides the ultimate background for a stunning family portraits.

You can find out more about Battersea Park here: Battersea Park family photoshoot . We can have a long debate on which park is more beautiful.

However, in my opinion, when trying to decide on the best locations for London family photo shoots, Hyde Park takes the gold. A bit of advice though, it’s the best in early morning, as it’s not as crowded.

little girl with her grandmother which wears red jacket

Other places

You know what happens more and more frequently? Destination photography is on the rise. Basically, this means that families select the option to take a professional photographer with them to their destination. This is super convenient if you have a place that is super connected to you, or which brings back emotions or memories. Sometimes, people have their own best places for holidays. Have you got one? Leave a comment below and tell us where your place is and is it so special.

best places in London to take family photos


Have you ever heard of the city of York? It’s quite an enchanting town. First, it’s well known for its duck population. Did you know, that York has more ducks and geese than the actual amount of people living in the city of York? How funny is that! You photo might get photo bombed by a duck. And watch out, these guys can get pretty angry during spring when they have little ones.

In any case, York is one of the most historic cities in the UK. Definitely a top contender in terms of being one of the bet family portrait places. I can give you so many reasons off the top of my tongue. First, York is known for is spectacular York Minster Cathedral. This gothic Cathedral, built already during the Roman era, is the second largest cathedral in Europe. When you stand in front of it, it humbles you in a way, because there is so much history behind that church.

family portrait with Yorkshire dog outside

Speaking of behind, there is an amazing little park right behind the Cathedral. It’s gorgeous, and almost resembles the park behind the Notre Damme Cathedral in Paris. Such a historic place! No wonder, it used to be the capital of England. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Another fantastic place in York is its university and its stunning grounds. You can say, that the entire university floats on lakes. Surrounded by beautiful hedge gardens, the lake views are to die for! There are also lots of bridges, that can make the ultimate photo. The same with the historic Heslington Hall. There are status and mazes made out of hedges. Plenty of room for your kids to run around and go crazy with the geese and ducks.

Which place

There are so many places for London family photo shoots. Besides, some locations are so sacred sometimes. It only means something to you. And that’s great. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter what anyone think of your location, but you! That’s why finding best place for your family photoshoot can be so important. It’s because it’s personal and you should feel relaxed and comfortable there.

father holding his two children London family photo shoots