London Family Photographer

In a world constantly changing there’s only one thing that will stay forever in our hearts: our family. It is there when we need a hug, it is there when we need to laugh. Family is always present in our lives, even if there are times when we are apart. sometimes it is easy to forget the important things that surround us, but it always strikes a chord in us to remember them. And what’s the best way to remember your darling ones? A portrait, of course! As a London family photographer, I have seen the essence of a family through smiles and glances, and hugs and spontaneity. What’s so special in family photography? The answer is not so easy to find, but for sure it involves love, passion and a lot of fun as well! 

As a London family photographer, I will always put you and your family at ease, giving you time to find the right background, the right idea for your portraits. As well as backgrounds – you can choose family studio portraits or an outside session – it is also important to be as natural as possible. No one will ever force you – and especially your children! – to pose! Relax, be yourself, play around, stretch your body if you need… but you will never feel awkward or embarrassed in front of my camera. 

Someone says that with kids it is even more difficult, but kids are actually funny and challenging, never difficult. Just let them be what they want to be, let them play with you, with your camera. Explain them what all the process of a photo shooting is and let them feel welcomed and part of the project. Children need – and above all love – to be part what can be a special game. In fact, even if it is considered an art, photography is also a creative game, that’s why it is interesting and compelling to work with families with children: the creative possibilities become endless. 

So being a family photographer is at the same time an artistic and a funny experience: I have time to be amused and I require time to concentrate, but at the end of the day I know that you had a great fortune of making someone else happy and full with memories: a special family. You.