London family photography

An amazing city, loved and hated, the centre of the world, capital of the Reign but also a container of hidden gems. London is all of this and even more, it is a city where you can lose yourself strolling around along the narrow Thames riverside lanes or feel at the centre of the universe under the screens in Piccadilly Circus. Whatever you want, whatever you like, for sure in London you will find it! Probably you already know these aspects of the big city but what you do not know is that you can use them as the background for your London family photography.

As you may know, London is full of picturesque and characteristic corners, so, you have probably seen many tourists taking pictures everywhere and of every corner of the UK capital. However, you hve never wondered that you could use those beautiful and astonishing sceneries for your own photographs. Well, actually, you can and it is exactly what we are proposing you! 

Rediscover the city, take action in the city, stroll around with your family and never forget your special day out thanks to a professional family photographer who will accompany you in this adventure around London, and of course, you will have a lot of family pictures of it! You might think that in this fast-moving world of Instagram and selfie sticks, there is no need to do professional family photoshoot anymore. You might even think classic portrait photography is a bit out of fashion. But, actually there is a tendency going in the other direction. More and more people are cutting down on social media (ab)use, and are now looking for a less stressful lifestyle. As much as it can boost your ego having selfies from an adrenaline style holiday, they just don’t have the long-lasting effect of a well done professional portrait of your family. This is something you will realise much more when your children will grow up.

It is priceless to have good family portraits in different stages of you and your family’s life. You don’t necessarily need to do to family portraits every year. But to have portraits on regular intervals will give a nice flow in the photos. This way not only you but also future generations can follow the development in your family. From the children were born, throughout school and into their adult life. Just think about how fun it is for you to look at family portraits from your own parents’ and grandparents’ days. Important events deserve a professional family photoshoot for sure.

The style of the London family photography is of course fully up to you.You can choose the classic version, and dress up in the Sunday best, or a more casual style. Whichever one you go for, you should definitely feel comfortable during your London family photo shoot. It doesn’t have to be in the studio, it can also be in your own home or garden, or even on a location that means something to you and your family. The professional photographer will be able to get the most out of the location, and make your family portraits special.

Do you prefer a placid and quiet atmosphere in one of the many parks in the city? Or do you prefer the frenzy and artistic mood of Shaftesbury Avenue? Do you want to feel young and a bit hipster? Come to Shoreditch or Peckham. Do you want a rock ‘n’ roll day? There is no better place than Camden Town Do you want to play along with your kids? Oh well, you can choose the London Eye and the many attractions around it. However, never forget that for a family photoshoot you can travel also outside the city centre and discover the beauties of Epping or South London. Whatever it is the mood of you and your family, London will satisfy you. And also your family photographer will satisfy you when you decide to book a photo shoot in London.

Everyone wants to preserve the most precious moments that they have. In the last centuries, families would stand still for hours for the artist to create the perfect portrait. Back then, standing still for half of the day would get you a fully painted canvas. Nowadays, people just tend to go digital. Not so exciting anymore, don’t you think so? How often do you actually flick through your family photos? Usually, it’s stuck somewhere on a disk or some hard-drive. Hence, this is already one of the pressing reasons, why you should make prints!

I would like to encourage you to have your photos printed. Framed fine art prints will look great in your living room and bedroom. Some people love to hang the wall art from their family photoshoot even in the bathroom. Why not put a family portrait, the size of one giant wall. Not only will it create a smile on your face. But with every passing day, you’ll realise how precious life is.

London is one of the greatest cities of the world, and, admired by everyone, it is also easy to travel around and discover places and spots that can become the perfect background for a family picture. So, if you have decided to take a family portrait, ask for a day out in London and you will be amazed by the brilliant results. Forget about boring and traditional portraits: you will see a dynamic, alternative and brilliant family photoshoot. 

Be a city adventurer for one day along with your family and your special moments will be captured with the help of a family photographer.