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There is no better time in the year than now for London family photography. Especially if you are keen on getting those amazing Christmas cards out there to the entire family! Would you believe me that today I saw the first chunk of snow when I woke up in the morning? I must admit, I didn’t write this blog post in the UK as I am travelling quite a lot. You know me, always on the go. But this time it was at least to visit my grandparents.

In any case, today I was very pleasantly surprised by the first white snowfall right outside. Yes, they live in higher elevations, so the snow actually stuck. It was such a pleasant way to wake up! Being with family and seeing the snow, I suddenly realised that I would love to have a nice Christmas family portrait. So, I am looking up the best options for London family photography right now!

The right studio

Finding the right family photo studio in London can be a hassle. I admit. However, if you’ve got friends who know some amazing professional photographer, then don’t hesitate to ask for more details. You should look for a studio that’s not too small when it comes to space. However, going to large studio where there are tons and tons of people waiting can also be a pain. The best type of family photo studio London is a boutique photography service. Here, the professional photographers are the kindest and most specialised.

Plus, you should expect exceptional customer service with London family photography if you go to a boutique studio.

best London family photography

The family photoshoot prices should also be much friendlier than in well-known larger studio. Also, you can expect receiving higher quality photos. With boutique studios comes extra time spent with the professional baby photographer London. The photographer will want to get to know you, so you’ll probably even have a little coffee prior to the photoshoot. This is of course what makes family photography London so exciting. Hence, you should ask your friends if they have any experiences with amazing photographers. Or if they know someone who can recommend you an amazing boutique studio with a photographer that has natural talent.

The right photographer

Again, finding a photographer that has that natural eye for personalities and detail can be difficult. Especially when it comes to a children’s portrait photographer. You also should look for a photographer that has a certain type of personality. Meaning, spunky, friendly, silly and most of all patient. A professional children’s portrait photographer of course knows how to keep his or her cool with impatient kids. The best part is, that you book more sessions, your kids will get much more comfortable and playful. I don’t know about you, but I have a really beautiful relationship with my photographer.

The best type of photographer that already has children and knows how to handle them from personal experience. Well, boy do I have good news for you. I happen to know a photographer that actually got into photography through her daughter. What better inspiration for such a beautiful art then from your children?

Wouldn’t you want such a children’s portrait photographer for your London family photography?

Best Notting Hill family photographer London

Her name is Milla and you can check out her portfolio at her website: She talks about how she got into photographer when she first started taking pictures and portraits of her daughter. With years of experience and a very happy clientele behind her, she continues to take stunning children portraits and London family photography. If not the best, she is one of the leader family portrait photographers in London in a boutique studio. What better way to experience a photo shoot than having one-on-one time exclusively with the photographer.

Family photoshoot prices

I can’t stress this argument enough. However, I lot of people tend to go for the cheapest option out there. Going with the cheapest option in terms of London family photography is like going for junk food. You only buy it because It’s really cheap, but in the end give you horrendous results. I am talking especially about the junk food. It’s no wonder that eating healthier costs a little more. Those perishable goods are of course slightly pricier, but in the end you yourself feel much healthier. I can’t even tell you how many times I ate pasta rather that making a delicious meal out of fresh vegetables. Simply because pasta was the cheaper option. Well, expect same result if you go for cheap photography or if you have friends taking the pictures for you.

best London family photography


It won’t do you any justice whatsoever. The end result will lack quality and professionalism. I mean, do you really expect amazing London family photography if you go for the cheapest option out there? Of course not! You can scour a lot online to find the cheapest family photoshoot deals London, but in the end, it won’t do you any good.

Another thing is, never go for a friend taking the pictures for you unless that friend really is a truly practicing photographer. I discourage my friends from going to their friends in terms of photography because almost always expectations fall short. And as you can imagine, as a result friends have ended badly.

Always hire a professional! You will get a great price per value. Why not invest into a high quality photographer that will get you that wonderful long lasting family portrait?

Christmas time

Better yet, go to a professional photography for London family photography and get your Christmas cards family photoshoot done. Yes, it’s that time of year! Get them done now and you’ll have enough time to edit them and personalise them. Some people go even that far to personalise the stamps. But to be honest, that’s a bit too much even for me. What is great though, if you add a nice personal holiday greeting on your Christmas card. You can ask your professional family photography to help you with this. For example, Milla offers a special Christmas package where you can personalise your Christmas portrait into a card with a lovely greeting.

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