London family photoshoot locations

Every time we plan a photo shoot with our clients there is a dilemma of the location of the shooting. We know sometimes it is hard to choose the right place for the family portraits because of all the options available in London. Currently our family photo shoots can take place on outdoor location such as local park or garden, in the comfort of your own home or in our new photography studio in Notting Hill. So what is the best? Outdoor, home or studio? This little guide should help you with the perfect location for your London family photoshoot.


Home sweet home, right? There’s nothing like home. We use a lot of refrains that point to the feeling of being home. And for sure we all agree that home is a special and unique place. But, have you ever dreamt of transforming your cosy home in something more? Something like a beautiful photography set? Well, probably not yet just because you didn’t know that it was possible! We can assure you that it is absolutely feasible. You just need to open up your doors and welcome us, Studio Milla, lifestyle family photographers. We will help you throughout the whole process of creating an amazing background inside your home.

Why choosing your home? That’s simple! Taking a family photoshoot inside your house will make you feel comfortable, especially your children will be more at ease. This is the primary reason, your feelings.

However, you can also think about something creative, like transforming your home. With a little help from your family and the expert advice of us your home can become an enchanted set or a modern space, whatever suits you better. Plus, the result will be a natural one, the pictures of the family photoshoot will be original but at the same time familiar, emotional, entwined with the most precious thing that you can have: your personal place. 

That’s why all our natural newborn photo shoots take place in the comfort of our clients homes. And one more thing- we will not have to worry about the weather!


Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes you feel a bit more adventurous, or why not, you want a new scenario, something from outside that will stay forever with you. And this option is also perfect for the children. Having some space outside will make them feel free so they can play and have fun during our London family photoshoot. And this is exactly what we want to capture- candid family moments.

The best outdoor locations for London family photoshoots will always be London’s Royal Parks. Out favourite ones are of course Hyde Park and Regent’s Park but we do love shooting at Battersea Park too. And we have to mention Bushy Park in Richmond. This location is just perfect if you would like to see all those amazing deer. Bushy Park is deer park so we always try to capture our families with them.

Another idea for perfect family portrait is having an amazing view of London from the bridge as a background. We think the perfect spots are Westminster and Tower Bridge but we also like Albert Bridge for family photoshoots. Shooting a family in front of those beautiful city views makes our family portraits stunning.

Please do not forget that London is a busy place. And Westminster Bridge is even more busy as this is one of the most popular London’s landmarks. If you would like to have some amazing city view on your family photos, we recommend to start your photoshoot early in the morning to avoid the crowd.


But maybe you are just looking for a professional and classic outlook. To all of you who wants to explore the world and expand your boundaries, well, we can help you! As a professional, we have always tried our best to deliver high-quality service and to let our clients – which are, like you, families – feel comfortable and welcomed. So, apart from going around the city to find the perfect spots for our London family photoshoot, we have also opened up a new and wonderful cosy space in Notting Hill.

Here you will find everything you need and desire for your family portraits. And even much more than that! You will find a comfortable atmosphere, you will have time and the opportunity to be engaged in the making of your family photoshoot. We recommend family photography in our studio if you are looking for classic children and family portraits. Family photography in the studio is clean and simple but high quality and timeless. We do love to create family portraits and then convert them into a piece of art with our framed fine art prints.

If you have decided to keep the best and most precious moments of your family life, contact us to talk about your family and your vision and together we will make your dream come true. Whatever you decide, on location, home or studio, we will have the perfect solution for you. The result will not change: we will make your family portraits unforgettable and unique!

Studio Milla is a team of lifestyle family photographers. We capture families in real-life situations and document your everyday life because we know how important are family memories. We want you to have all those family moments kept on timeless photographs and feel the love and connection every time you see your family photo album.