Capturing Your Family Story with Studio Milla

The Perfect London Family Photoshoot..and Much Much More!

“Happy families are all alike” Thus wrote Leo Tolstoy at the beginning of one of his most famous novels, Anna Karenina. At Studio Milla, however, we couldn’t disagree more. Sorry Leo, but in our long experience of professional family photography, happy families are happy in very different ways. Indeed, for us at Studio Milla, there is nothing more important than the smile on the faces of our clients when they finally hold the images in their hands. And yet, their smiles are all very different as different are the contexts in which we work and shoot and the diverse situations we create together with the families who choose us to record their happy moments forever with London family photoshoot.

Professional children and family photography in London

As a matter of fact, as professional photographers, we at Studio Milla specialise in children and family photography, lifestyle newborn photography, as well as offering a service of personal brand photography, business headshots and corporate photography. Photography for us is the best way to capture feelings and emotions and freeze them in a moment that will last forever. Photography is also an ideal way to communicate those very feelings and emotions to other people. Hence, we are constantly committed to guaranteeing our clients the most exceptional family photo sessions and the top corporate headshots and personal brand photography

Collect your best memories with London family photoshoot

Based in London, Studio Milla offers families one of the most creative, funny and imaginative ways to seize the most meaningful and amazing moments with their family in order to collect – and treasure – your best memories in wonderful and unique photoshoots. In fact, our London family photoshoots meet the needs of each of our clients, as they can be organised in every out-door location, in our studio or even at your place. The reason we made this choice is that we want you to always feel comfortable and free to express and reveal your true self through our lenses. Moreover, as we propose newborn, baby and children photography, we need to be sure that your little ones have always the possibility to be themselves, at ease and relaxed in a pleasant, beautiful, but most of all safe environment.

London is a perfect place for photoshoots

And the capital of the UK definitely offers one of the greatest sceneries for your London family photoshoot. With its wonderful parks, its iconic landmarks, its bustling and lively streets, London is the perfect place to create new and marvellous memories with your partner and your children. Be it a walk near the Big Ben or a long summer afternoon of fun in the park, our photographers will be ready to capture your children’s most lovely smiles and that spark of happiness in your eyes in every out-door location you choose. And if you are in London only for a few days on holidays, don't forget to book your London vacation photography session with us.

Fundamental milestones to catch

Carefree and cheerful moments are amazing to capture, and yet there are other moments that are worth catching to remember forever. These instants, if compared to a lifetime, are fundamental milestones and cornerstones in the life of every person. Undoubtedly, one of them is the first birthday of your baby. So why not celebrate it and remember this amazing event through a photoshoot as well? Our professional photographers will catch the happiness of your baby’s first birthday in a great and funny cake smash photoshoot.

First birthday photoshoot with Studio Milla

Certainly, a first birthday photoshoot cornerstone will be part of your lovely memories. In fact, one-year-olds are incredibly curious and this curiosity will undoubtedly explode when they are presented with their first cake ever. Of course, we will find the perfect location and follow you and your child during this new experience and work at your children’s pace in order for them to be fully comfortable during the session. You will surely have fun, live a new experience together with your loved ones and have the opportunity to remember that day forever through beautiful photos. 

Newborn and baby photography

A London family photography can also involve newborn and baby photoshoots. As the aim of these shootings is to create exceptional memories for an exceptional period in the life of every parent, our professional photographers at Studio Milla will make sure that the location and the atmosphere of any session is perfect, exciting and comfortable for you and most of all for your newborn or baby. As we want you and your little ones to be comfortable at every stage of the shooting we can arrange the newborn photoshoot in your home and seize the first moments of your new family. On the other hand, if you feel confident and at ease, we will welcome you and your family in our London studio for a professional, but always lovely and funny, baby photoshoot, for babies over 6 months old.

Discover the magic of London Family Photoshoot with Studio Milla

Our team of photographers at Studio Milla have a long experience in their field and their first goal is to ensure our clients the best photoshoots in a welcoming, comfortable and relaxed environment. Throughout our professional experience we have worked with people from all around the world in a very special place for us, which is London. This city enables us to express ourselves fully through children and family photography as well as corporate and personal brand photography because it has that magical atmosphere which allows us to be creative and imaginative and therefore ensure all our clients their own, personalised, funny, exciting and joyful experience with us. So let's create some beautiful images for your family and business.

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