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Living in the UK you have to bear the cold summer temperatures, that sometimes make us quite depressed. Let’s face it. Great Britain is mostly known for the wind, rain and cold unpleasant temperatures, amongst other things of course. I remember a couple of summers ago, it was the wettest and coldest summer in the last hundred years. While others were sunning and sipping their margaritas somewhere down South, I was stuck in the North mostly due to work reasons. I can tell you, it was one of the most pitiful summers of my entire life. But enough about me! I want to tell you what idea I came across recently! And if I am honest, I think people should start doing it regularly. What exactly am I talking about? Holidays abroad of course!

summer family photo shoot LondonYes! You heard me! Recently, I have bumped into some friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. Of course, if such an event happens, you generally exchange social media contacts. So, one day when I added my friend to my network of friends, I came across her photo album. I can tell you, it was one of the most beautiful summer albums that I have ever seen. It looked like a perfect professional advertisement straight out of the TV. Little did I know, that it was actually their family photo shoot during their holidays.

What a fantastic idea right?

Getting a professional photographer doing your family photoshoot on vacation in London. There are so many reasons why I think this is such a great idea! However, before we get to that, I need to clarify a couple of things.

London vacation photographer

First, you don’t need to go on holidays to organise a family photoshoot. There are many places in London or in England that can be easily used a as great location. Some of my favourite locations in England is actually in the City of Bath of the city of York. Just think of having the York Minster Cathedral in the background. Such a majestic church! You can also go all the way to Edinburgh. Again, there are plenty of option even back here in England.

Doing professional family photoshoots on vacations in London are a way of preserving the memory of being a family. One day, your kids will flip through the stunning photos in the family album, and it will put a smile on their faces. A picture basically makes a snapshot of what’s happening in that given time. You will never look the same on every picture. We constantly change. Therefore, it is necessary to capture every precious moment we have with our family.

London vacation photographer

Especially, our kids grow so fast. You know that this is true. I have had this happen to me when I left my kids at grandma’s and grandpa’s. After coming back from a 5-day gruelling business trip, the minute I saw my children, there was a difference! There was a change in my kids’ appearance only after 5 days! Can you believe it? Therefore, I highly urge you to hire a professional to capture every single precious moment with your children. They really do grow up so incredibly fast!

A pro is much better than a selfie stick

Still having doubts? Don’t make me state the obvious! First, it’s already becoming very tacky to use selfie sticks or taking selfies with your phone. Especially, if you are taking memorable worthy pictures. Let me just say, keep your hands of the selfie stick! Now that’s super tacky!

The professional photographer will capture that beautiful lighting during your family vacation in London.

london child photographer

Moreover, the professional family photographer has done this probably a thousand times, and will know how to keep your kids entertained and interested in completing the photoshoot.

Oh, trust me! Kids are not the most patient ones, especially when it comes to photography where you need to hold still in a pose. I’d recommend taking a piece of candy or chocolate. Just in case!

Lastly, a professional photographer can offer you so many additional add-ons. He or she can help you to create that stunning family album you’ve been longing for so long! Moreover, he or she can get it done in the time agreed.

Oh those lovely holidays pictures

Coming back to my friend’s gorgeous family photo shoot album, I can finally reveal to you where they took it. It was taking by the sunny beaches on Costa del Sol. It was their first family holidays they had organised. Generally, parents tend to wait to go on holiday with their kids, until they get a bit older. If you have a newborn and take it to the beach with you, it might be very dangerous because of the exposure to intense UV rays. I am not saying that this risk disappears as kids grow older. Of course it doesn’t. However, it’s just more clever.

sunset photography session with two children walking away and holding their hands

This family had stunning seaside and sunset photographs. The kids had an absolutely gorgeous photo while playing in the turquoise waters. Also, picture a stunning romantic photo of the parents while holding the hands of their children while walking down the beach. I can almost feel the warm gentle waves on my toes just by looking at those amazing pictures. And these are exactly the photos you will get if you organise a family photo shoot!

summer family photo shoot London

London vacation family photographer

Sumer just began and there is plenty of things you can do to organise a lovely trip to London if you still haven’t. And I highly recommend booking your vacation family photoshoot there. You just have to start your search now, or else everything will be booked out.

family on the boat London vacation photographer