Capture your pregnancy with maternity photography

Life is a journey. Everyone knows that, but some of us feel it in a more particular way. When a woman becomes pregnant another journey starts. It is not only our journey as human beings, but it starts also a journey as a mother, as a force of nature which creates another life. Of course, it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in our lives, and something so special and extraordinary that we are still fascinated by it despite all our evolution and innovations.  And those moments are really worth to capture with maternity photography.

So from the moment a woman realises that she is pregnant, she starts to see the world with different eyes, she starts to welcome the world with open arms, and, above all, she starts to preserve every moment of this journey as something magical and unique. Well, memories can be stored in our minds, in our diaries, and also in our photo albums. 

bump photoshoot studio

Maternity photography will help you keep your amazing journey on the photographs.

Especially maternity photography can be the perfect tool to capture every instant of this magical journey, from bump to baby, as we call it. From the first moment, when the baby starts to grow and you start to feel its movements inside your bump, we can capture your lovely and tender feelings towards him or her. You will have a silent companion during your journey towards maternity, a professional who will be ready and carefully to fix on film every important step of this amazing process. 

But that’s not the ending. The real and challenging journey starts when the baby is born. And even if you will be tired, even if you will learn a lot of things, even from your mistakes, you will need to fix forever in time the moments spent with your little baby. That’s why we suggest a bump to baby photo packaging. A truly unique experience can become something even more special with the little help of a professional photographer who will stand by your side and through the lens of a camera will get the best of you and your little baby. 

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As a mother you will flip through your lovely memories of your children’ childhood for the rest of your life, so why not take a Bump to Baby Photoshoot and let the picture be part of your memories. It will be an incredible experience and you will remember all your maternity journey with a smile, for the rest of your life.

Becoming pregnant is one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world. So if you have decided to remember this incredible journey through maternity photography, here are our tips and tricks for the Bump to Baby photoshoot in London! 

  • Indoor or outdoor? First of all, you need to choose if you want your pictures with an indoor setting for example at your home, a landscape or a mix of the two. Of course, we will tell you what is creatively better for you and if there’s the possibility to book a studio for the maternity photoshoot – guess what? We do that! Our studio is waiting for you and you are more than welcome to get even classic nude maternity photos.
  • Have fun together! As maternity photography may imply, the mother is the protagonist of the shooting, but of course, the future dad can be involved! And you, as a couple, can have a lot of fun together while posing for maternity photoshoot. Your partner is always welcomed to be involved in the pregnancy photoshoot.
  • Or just the mum alone… Well yes, we said that the mother is the protagonist here. So let her be valued! The right pose, the right setting, focusing on the belly, on her hands massaging the bump, on her gentle movements. Capturing her with that lovely look while talking with her future baby. That’s magic we do! You can also book hair and make up artist who help you look gorgeous during your maternity photoshoot. Get in touch for more details about HMUA.
bump to baby photoshoot at home
  • And the other children? If you are a couple with other children, bring them along! We are not transforming it in a family portrait yet, but it can be funny and emotional to let the older children be part of the frame. Let them interact with the belly, listen to it, spread their love as older siblings. Those family portraits will be beautiful.
  • Let also the dad play with the bump! One of the best moments is when the future father listens for the first time the baby inside the bump. This enchanted moment can be re-created during the maternity photoshoot and kept forever in time. So, as a couple, as a mum or as a dad, with your children or alone, you can all be there for the baby and transport the magic in the art of maternity photography. 
  • Accessories and wardrobe. As you may know, for a photo shooting also the accessories and the clothes are important. So, according to the setting, you can wear different dresses. We highly recommend the maxi dress for the maternity photoshoot on location. You can highlight only the bump or your whole body. Moreover, you can bring along some special accessory, as the first shoes of the baby, or your old Teddy Bear which will become your baby best friend: they can be part of these special memories as well!
  • Not all bodies are the same. That’s true in each day of our lives and it is true especially during maternity. For this reason, during a maternity photoshoot, we will highlight the best part of you, making you feel comfortable as it is an intimate session and you will never feel pressure. 

Here are our tips for a maternity photography photoshoot, contact us for more tips and info about our offer!

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