A friend of mine had the most amazing maternity photoshoot!

You’ll never guess where. Literally, in Paradise. The benefits of marrying while still young are, that the parents chip in for the wedding and generally the honeymoon as well. Am I right? Well, you’ll never believe what I am about to tell you. My friend Jane and her new husband Tom, recently wed at a charming small castle in Austria. The wedding was absolutely lovely and cozy. No one in their right mind would ever expect them to post photos from their maternity photoshoot six months later! I’ll get to the details soon! Keep reading.

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All of the friends had the same thought in mind. Why did they have their wedding so soon after seeing each other only for less than two years? Well, our suspicions were right. She was pregnant so hence the reason behind the sudden wedding! Of course there is nothing wrong, if the guy is perfect for you. They were both ready to take the relationship to the next step and expand their family. So, listen up as to what they did. I think it’s genius.

Jane and Tom had their wedding in her second month of her being pregnant. No knew that she was pregnant then. We found out later from her photos. First, they booked the honeymoon four months later as the belly started to appear. I guess this was also to help Jane relax and enjoy her pregnancy. She hired a professional who specialised in pregnancy photography. And suddenly, came the picture on Facebook and Instagram. That’s how we all found out! What do you think guys, pretty clever no? Not only did her parents cover the honeymoon, but also the costs for the maternity photoshoot. Very clever indeed! Might as well get it done. No need for an enormous belly.

Maternity photoshoot in paradise

The reason I say that they had their maternity photoshoot in paradise, is because they went to the French Polynesia. One of the paradise islands with a weird name, where you can only get there by boat. First, I thought they both we crazy. To travel so far, while being pregnant. I had my doubts whether this was healthy. However, of course it was. Besides, these flights last for more than 24 hours. Usually, people travel for two full days. I don’t know whether I could handle that while being pregnant and dealing with the usual stuff it brings, like morning sickness.

Anyways, I started clicking through the pictures and I fell in love with the sunset pictures. Her belly had that perfect sunset light, that just brings warmth to the photograph as soon as you look at the picture. Moreover, the soft white sandy beach was the perfect backdrop along with the turquoise blue sea. To be honest, I’d give anything for a honeymoon like this. Maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough and my parents might send me somewhere of to Spain. Not quite as exclusive as the French Polynesia though. Still, I think combing the honeymoon with the maternity photoshoot was very clever and a great way to surprise your friends that you’re expecting.

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