Mother and baby photography in London

Are you considering doing some beautiful mother and baby photography soon? You should hurry up while the sunny weather lasts! Nothing is more gorgeous than mother and baby bond. These types of photos are kept within generations and generations. Some mummies even print out large prints and hang them in the baby’s room. Why not? I think it’s a splendid idea. In any case, there are many things you need to prepare for and to think of when you want to undergo beautiful mother and baby photography in London. Here are just a few things to serve as a reminder for you, if you are an excited mummy, ready to capture that next amazing photo with your little angel.

baby portraits fine art print silver frame in kids bedroom

Location is everything

You know how location in London is everything! This principle basically applies to all aspects of a Londoner’s life. Whether you want to get good food, go for some fine dining experience or want to go for some amazing shopping. Well, the same works for beautiful mother and baby photoshoot. Not every place is so keen on being a backdrop for such an important photo. So here are just a few ideas, where you can take your family photos in London.

mum is holding her sleeping baby

Your own apartment:

If you’ve got a lovely loft somewhere in one of the trendy neighbourhoods in London, then this might even be the ideal place. You know what they say. Nowhere is as good, as in the comfort and safety of your own home. Just make sure that you’ve got enough light in the room where you’d like to for these beautiful mother and baby photography in London to happen. Usually, people go for the bedroom, living room or the baby’s new baby room! Sweet idea.

beautiful mother and baby photography London

The best part about having the beautiful mother and baby photoshoot taking place in your own apartment is the lack of noise. You won’t be interrupted by any people passing by which might make your baby easily tired. Plus, you’ve got all your baby tools are home, so if the little angel gets hungry all of a sudden, you’ll know exactly what to do.

mother and daughter taking a bath together emotional picture


Parks are one of the most common backdrops for beautiful mother and baby photography these days. Again, something about that green and the trees that attract so many new mummies. You can try Hyde Park, I wrote a post about not so long ago. You can find more about Hyde Park photography here:  Hyde Park children photography 

Nevertheless, coming back to the topic of parks for suitable for photography, there are so many parks in central London that you can choose from. It’s all a matter if convenience I guess. Things like accessibility by bus or tube is of the utmost importance, especially if you are going to be with a baby pram. If you are travelling by taxi, then this really doesn’t matter. The most important thing though is to meet your professional photographer in the early morning hours. Why might you ask?

mother and baby girl black and white portrait

First, you’ll be probably up early anyways, you know with the baby and all! Second, the parks are not overrun with people and tourists in the early morning hours. Moreover, if the weather permits, sometimes, in the morning you really do get the most amazing sunlight. This might make the difference in your photo.


I know that this might sound like an odd idea for beautiful mother and baby photographer. However, many new mummies are choosing nurseries as their background in their baby photo shoots. Although, I understand this motive of having bright colours and various patterns in the background, I don’t support this idea.

Nurseries usually have a lot of kids, meaning lots and lots of bacteria. Let’s be honest, if you’ve already got a child or know someone who has a child, you’ll know that the kids bring the illnesses home due to bacteria. Not such a great idea for babies or newborns. They are so sensitive, that even the slightest airborn bacteria might infect your precious little thing.

Give this idea a little time. Maybe do this, when your child grows up a little in the age 3-4 category. By then, their immune system will be strong enough to handle the usual colds and flus that go around so commonly in places like these.


Make sure that you bring all the right snuggly clothes along for your mother and baby photoshoot. Also, it’s important to dress the baby well enough and not expose too much skin. You know, sometimes, the newborn baby portraits have a lot of baby skin. Or basically, the baby usually wears nothing and is curled up in a comfy position.

mother and baby photography London

Again, forgive me for being a little protective over here, but babies are so fragile. Dress the little angel in some warm clothes. The slightest breeze of cold air might him or her a long lasting cold, and this can be very dangerous. When I was a couple of months old, I got a very nasty cold, as my mother used to tell me. Apparently, it only took a couple of seconds why my mum changed me. See how fragile we are when we are so tiny?

And what about mummies clothes? Don’t forget about that! Make sure you swear something with soft colours. Pale lilac, or soft pastel colours show best. By any means, please don’t wear something that has high contrast or too much going on. Remember, fashion at moments like these matters!


Maybe you want to include some hearts or some of your favourite accessories for your photo? Many photos usually tends to include old toys that go back a generation or two. So, perhaps you’ve got a toy that you used to love as a child?

mum is holding her little baby boy

Sometimes, I also see people use butterfly or heart shaped headbands on babies in the photos. I am fully against these, as the head is the most fragile part of the baby’s body. Even when I wear a headband for too long, I feel pressure at some point. With the baby being so fragile, it’s definitely not a good idea, and might even be a potential health risk. What you can do however, is attach some angel wings or place accessories next to the baby. This is a far better solution.

Don’t wait to long as time flies really fast! And with the blink of an eye your little baby will become a teenager who might not like the idea of family photoshoot together.

mum is holding her baby on her  lap