Mother’s Day is coming up!

Mother Day photo shoot London as a gift

Are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year with your lovely mommy? Why don’t you gift her with an amazing Mother Day photo shoot London? She’ll go nuts for it.

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time when you start to look for those cards for your beloved mommy. Instead of giving her the traditional card and some chocolates for Mother’s Day, here’s an idea. Why don’t you gift her with a Mother Day photo shoot London? It’s intimate, it’s personal, it’s a whole different league than sending cards and chocolates. I mean, don’t you think so?

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Don’t get me wrong. I think that purely being with your mom on Mother’s day is a gift itself. Especially, since we all seem to have booked up calendars. Altogether, I can’t even find decent time to go to my hair appointment. However, this year, I gave it a lot of thought and I decided that I am going to give a unique present. This year, I am getting my mum a Mother Day photo shoot London. It’s time she felt like a celebrity. And for everything that she has ever done for me if her life, she well deserve to be treated like one. Wouldn’t you do the same for your mums?

When is Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day is on the 11th of March. I believe that is a Sunday. Perfect for a Mother Day photo shoot London – don’t you find? Thankfully, the stars are in our favour of having this day off. What I mean is that a lot of times, we have holidays on weekdays and it doesn’t leave much room for celebration. Unless you take the day off from work of course. But, luckily, we don’t have to waste a precious holiday day.

This year, you can plan your Mother Day photo shoot London for the weekend.

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You can arrange it with a nice dinner afterwards. In fact, my suggestion is to pack a basket with bubbly or Prosecco. Get those giggles going for your Mother day photo shoot London. It will help loosen up the atmosphere plus it will get you hungry for that nice dinner afterwards. After all, you should spoil your mum as much as you can. So, when it comes to the celebration of the day itself, why don’t you spend quality time together. Instead of gifting her with material things, gift her with an experience that will last for a lifetime.

Remember, you can always keep the photos. These photos can be a reference point to the wonderful relationship that you two have together. I think that this gift one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts. Also, maybe it’s time to upgrade that last photo of you together. What do you think?

Works the other way around

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The Mother Day photo shoot London also works the other way around.

You, as a mom, can plan a lovely mother daughter photoshoot to capture those precious moments. Make sure to contact Studio Milla for more information or creative ideas for your Mother’s Day!
Lots of love to all the Mothers out there! Xx