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What will you plan for celebrating Mother’s Day this year?
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Alexa Sutheran

We had planned for the 4 of us to have a quiet day just me my hubby and my 2 gorgeous girls, as this is my first mother’s day as a mum of 2. I know it sounds selfish but we rarely get any time just us 4 with daddy working and family living far away and house renovations, sadly last weekend we didn’t make it to our in laws due to snow so instead we are going to be driving 3 hours up the M4! Not the relaxing day I’d planned!

H B Smith

This is my first Mother’s Day as a Mother myself and one I thought might never happen due to struggling with infertility and IVF.

Every day with my daughter is precious and on Mother’s Day I will be celebrating the joy and absolute love she has brought me quietly but happily and thinking of others still travelling the same path and hoping they too get to enjoy the wonders of being a mother very soon.



Hi there, could you check your mailbox? I sent you an email! Milla x

A K MacDonald

Afternoon tea for all three of us (our gorgeous daughter and her two mummies).


We will be spending the day househunting for a new family home! ?

Heidi Samsoondar

Gorgeous work! My husband will be cooking me dinner and fingers crossed my 2 year old will let me have a lie in. Then it’s fun times in the park, jumping in the muddy puddles.

Janet Palmer

In the morning we are off to a craft shop to immortalise our hands! Our latest edition born in December has reminded us how grown up our other two are getting ? then we are meeting Nanny for a lovely family dinner.


All our family are back in SA (South-Africa) and mother’s day falls on a different day over there. So not spending time with my mum / mother in law.

This side I’m guessing it’ll be a day filled with housework and perhaps we’ll go cycling if there’s no rain. Think my 6yr old will convince hubby to do something. Waiting to see.

Charlotte Winnock

I will be spending mother’s day taking my son to football and my daughter to her tap dancing mock exam. Hopefully we can squeeze in a bit to eat and a trip to see nanny as well ?


Ideal mothers day for me would be breakfast in bed with all my favorite breakfast things plus champagne. Then a family lie in/ hangout in PJs and cuddles. Then we would go tot he park for a nice walk if the weather is nice if not check out a cool exhibition. End the day at home or our favorite restaurant for an early dinner all together.

Shelley Young

We will start the day with a pancake breakfast, followed by gifts and photos, then a lovely walk to our park to feed the ducks. Quality family time together is a must.

Helen J

I’ve only been a Mum for 6 weeks, so this is my first Mother’s Day. Will probably spend it making silly faces at my son – we’ve just started getting smiles and I can’t get enough of them! (Breakfast in bed and a massage voucher would be welcome too of course!)


Early wake up call from my 3 little puddings a small breakfast for them get ready for family breakfast out with my mum a nice family walk and then off to mother in laws for a snuggly afternoon on the sofa at nanny’s. maybe a glass of presecco for mummy in there somewhere


This mothers day I will be working all day (6am start). I will thankfully get to see my kids for a couple of hours before bedtime. My mum I will see the following week when we are also celebrating my dad and sisters bday. To all mothers out there, a big thankyou for all of the hard work, tears, laughter and magical memories that you make possible. Happy mothers day to all!


Michelle I will be thinking about you on Sunday early morning!
And yes,you are right! We are all amazing 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!


Have ugly hair and pyjamas on with breakfast in bed ignoring all the crumbs and food around our faces and I’m sure our own version of let it go and moana dance moves

Krizia santos

Mother’s day is always been a special day for me.. Not for myself(because i’m also a mum), but for my mum, who has never ending love, support and care for us. So, I we are planning to make mother’s day memorable by arranging a surprise party for her, although she’s miles away from us (she lives in the philippines), we cam still extebd our LOVE to her.
This proves that Love knows NO Boundaries. ❤

Hoping for a lie in (5am will do!) then lots of cuddles from my toddler and baby. Then if the hints have worked a handmade present to open and breakfast in bed. Then the toddler has a friend’s Thomas the Tank engine party.. so that’ll be fun ?

Sarah Pierce

I have to work in the morning so Daddy is taking little man to rugby, then when we’re all home we’ll have a lovely lunch together followed by a dog walk. Hopefully a nap for the little one (and myself!) then off to the local Chinese with all the growing family as there’s lots of Mummys and Mummys-to-be amongst us 🙂 x


Sounds like a busy day! But I am sure you will relax after work with your family and friends! I love Chinese food as well 🙂 x


I will be spending mothers day with my first child my beautiful 1 year old daughter and my mum will be spending it with us aswell as she is also my mums first grandchild 3 generations of women eating food celebrating motherhood and sharing love


Love the 3 generations time! I am lucky to still have 4 generations of women in my own family! It is incredible time when we all meet 🙂 And definitely worth photographing!


The kids will make me a lovely breakfast in bed, complete with slightly burnt toast and coffee, my daughter is planning a pampering session (she is 11 so it should be interesting) and she will do my hair. After that we will snuggle up on the sofa and do a dr who marathon.


Pampering session sounds amazing! We also do it together! Be careful with your hair and hide all the scissors haha 😉

S Haggerwood

Yes please!

S Haggerwood

Will be spending time baking cakes and eating them ❤️


We also love baking! I should say-my daughter loves baking because I am not so good at this 😉
What are you going to bake together?

S Haggerwood


Rody Morgans

I am hoping to spend the day with my husband and my children. They always make me breakfast in bed which is lovely. We will either have a really lazy day or if the weather is nice then we will definitely go out.

Kim Brewis

We will be celebrating with my own mum, dad and brother by having afternoon tea (or an inside picnic – according to my little guy) at our local vintage tearoom.


What a great idea to celebrate this day with the whole family! I hope you will enjoy your afternoon tea 🙂

Laura Imlah

My lovely 10yr old boy/girl twins are keen to make me breakfast in bed followed by massage by twin torture, ie, walking on my back and then movie marathon! Hoorah!


Kisses for your twins Laura and hope they will be gentle with the torture hahah!


For me Mother’s Day is to spend quality time together as a family, nice long breakfast at home and lots of kisses 🙂 and remembering the bubble of love when it all began…


I love the kisses idea! Can I have just one as well from your little one please? 🙂


Hoping for a nice family day with a lie in? One can dream 😉


Hahaha! I can say from my experience you need to wait another 10-12 years and then you will miss all this chaos 😉

Cecelia Boehm

We are going to drink cake batter from mugs and play board games all day.


Would love to join you guys!

Roxane Fricou

We planned a happy family day in the English countryside, away from London!


Mother’s Day is a Sunday which means I’ll be at church all day with my daughter and husband. Aside from that we haven’t really got anything planned. This will be my first ever mother’s day where I’m actually a mother but unfortunately we are far too broke do actually celebrate it properly.

Gemma Fenlon

This will be my first Mother’s Day! My daughter is 11 months, and we plan to do something special!
We will probably go to soft play in the morning with the little one! Then because I adore afternoon tea, we have booked a lovely tea somewhere cute and insta-worthy! Perfect!


Sounds amazing! Fingers crossed for the weather 😉

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