Mother’s Day photo shoot – a perfect gift for every mum.

Mums. The greatest force in the world. Whatever we say about them during the year will be enforced even more during Mother’s Day week. Well, in most of the cases, it is absolutely true, without mums we would not be what we are as adults. They are the ones that come near us when we suffer, when we are down, when we want a piece of advice, and they are next to us when it seems that the rest of the world is leaving us behind.

Well, it is also true that mums make us angry, embarrassed and we fight to be free from them since our teenage years. However, we should never forget that mothers are our force and they are, above all, women. Women that fight every day, for themselves, for us, for a better world. So, that’s the reason why we need to celebrate them: mums are also fighters… with a huge heart!

Then there is our part: how we can celebrate our mum? A simple card, maybe with a beautiful poem on it? Some flowers? A necklace? For sure, the Mother’s Day gift ideas can be a lot but finding the right one is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we are here! Most of you will think about a splendid jewel, or a day off to the Spa; some of you will think about something useful, as some artisan tool, or some of you will simply go the flower shop and buy a tulip bouquet. You simply forget what most of the mums want: a day with their kids. 

Therefore, our suggestion for a perfect gift for Mother’s Day is a family photoshoot with you and her. And before you start to woo at us, think about it: a photo shoot requires a day out with your mum, a day off from everything unpleasant in life and a day in which she will be treated like a princess or a Hollywood star. You can choose the set according to her tastes: funny, royal, natural, sweet… whatever suits her better. So, it is possible to decide the right set for the photo, the mood, you will be inspired by the creativity of your photographer and then… well, then you just need to bring along your mum and make her this beautiful surprise! You will have fun together and the result will be a splendid photograph of a splendid woman that needs to be celebrated every day of the year. 

A photograph seems a simple concept, a simple Mother’s day gift. Nevertheless, it can truly be the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day, due exactly to its powerful simplicity. We bet your mum will keep forever that particular photo on her desk and she will remember forever the day out! As you will remember her forever as the strongest woman in the world. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women out there!











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