Mother’s Day Photography for upcoming weekend

First, as a professional family photographer, I always look forward to shooting Mother’s Day photography. Being a mother myself, I highly recommend moms to receive this amazing experience and treat themselves.

You know, I was looking out the window recently. Just thinking about how lucky I am that I get to do what I love. That is – being a family and children photographer in London. I always wanted to travel to this gloriously historic busy city, fully of life and opportunity. Little did I know that I would find amazing clients and experience. I always look forward to any upcoming holiday because I get to see my returning clients or meet new clients. This is no exception to Mother’s Day photography.

best mother's day photography London

I am sending love to all the Mothers – anywhere you are 🙂

Mother’s Day photography is something truly special in my opinion. First, as I am a mother myself with my teenage daughter, I can really appreciate the fact how hard moms have to work. Now, let’s take a moment to really appreciate everything that we do. Instead of work, do something for yourself, go to a massage centre, go to the theatre or treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Or treat yourself to Mother’s Day photography session with a professional photographer.

Also, just think about it just how amazing we are as mothers. First, we cook, we clean, we nurture, we heal, we comfort, we love, we teach and we care. Especially, I believe any mother out there in any part of the world deserves a medal for all her efforts. I mean, giving birth is hard enough right? Why don’t we get more credit for that? It is insane!

London Mother's day photography

In comparison, I always laugh when any man gets sick and has the so called- ‘man flu’. Haha, every time they have a cold, they act like they are about to die. Well, a little sniffle never killed anyone, at least not in this day and age. Maybe in the Middle Ages. But, let them discover just how difficult it is to be a woman and give birth. Let alone becoming a full time mother. That’s why I always say, mothers are the best.

Most noteworthy, my mother is the best. Also, my grandmother is the best. In addition, I as a mum, am also the best. That’s why I urge all the mommies to treat themselves to a lovely Mother’s Day photography session. Celebrate the fact that you are a mother and that you bring life into this world. We all deserve to be treated like queens.

Mother's day photography London

Come to think of it….

I would definitely book a Mother’s Day photography sessions for my loving Mother. Why not? It can be seen as a memorable experience where my mum can have fun and feel like a celebrity. Also, just imagine, your mum drinks a little bit of bubbly, gets dressed up for the occasion and get her photographs taken with you as her daughter. You can have a lovely mother and daughter photography session. Furthermore, I as a professional children and family photographer in London absolutely love these sessions. These are super fun and it’s a wonderful privilege to get to know these amazing women.

mother's day photography London

Now this got me thinking. Will my teenage daughter ever think to organise such a Mother’s Day photography session for me one day? Certainly, I would love if this was the case. As a professional photographer, my clients will always come first. So you can imagine, I hardly have any portraits or any time to take some self-portraits. Also, my clients always did and always will come first.

mother's day photography London

I really hope that when my daughter grows up and moves out this upcoming difficult teenage phase, she will do something like this for me. I really do. But God help me, getting through these teenage years will be a challenge. Does anyone have any special tips on how to handle a typical teenager? I ‘ve heard the stories of my girlfriends and their kids, and I continue to be flabbergasted. Boy, do I have a lot ahead of me.

Mother’s Day photography ideas

Now, coming back to Mother’s Day photography. I was thinking about some amazing ideas on how we can bring out that loving emotion all our mother’s have. Moreover, as a photographer, I must suggest on using a lovely dark red backdrop, focusing on the face of the mom. A typical beauty shot I’d say, but with a red background. This should complement the idea of love and support, as well as portray a certain level of warmth. What type of backdrop would you prefer? Would you use a heart theme? Or would you go from the classic black and white photography?

In essence, it is a common fact that black and white photography is generally used for depicting deep emotions and tell stories. I am not sure whether I would opt for a black and white theme this time, I’d prefer a little bit of colour and warmth. Do you know what I mean? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.

mother's day photography LondonMother’s day photography giveaway

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had access to Mother’s day photography mini sessions? Well, this is your chance. As a mother, I want to give a big thanks to all the mothers out there. That’s why I am having a special Mother’s Day photography promotion. In essence, I am offering a giveaway of a 30 minute photography session for mother and baby which can be used as a gift for any mum.

It is a seasonal opportunity, and I would like to gift a hard working mother and her family with a very special experience. Most noteworthy, I will make sure, that my lucky winners have the experience of a life time. Lastly, the final outcome will be a couple of prints that you can get to take home with you and hang whenever your heart desires. So, what do you think? Is this something that appeals to you? If so, then please comment and who know, you might win this amazing give away.

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