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Anytime of year, any day of year. Just make sure you book it in advance! If you just became a mother there is nothing more important in your life right now than your child. You have probably already been documenting the length of your pregnancy with photos of the growth. Maybe you even have prints of the ultra sound photos? Obviously you want photos of your precious little newborn. In this case you should go with a professional photographer. Only this way will you get the quality natural newborn baby photography that you want for your memories. You should really seize the opportunity to capture this very unique time in the child’s life. Do it not only for your own sake but also for your child’s sake.

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Directions it can go in
There are several directions you can go with newborn baby photoshoot. Firstly, you can choose to photograph the baby alone. This tends to work best when the baby is sleeping. That way you get a lovely peaceful photo of your newborn baby. If you want a portrait where baby is awake, prepare yourself to have your patience tested. It can be really tricky to find the right moment in the studio where the baby is smiling and behaving.

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During the photo shoot it’s more than likely that will need to calm the crying child, breast feed or will need to change a diaper. So be prepared for these scenarios when setting off to do your newborn baby photography. You can also choose to be in the photos yourself. Either alone with your baby or with your partner as well. If the newborn is awake, it should help keeping the child calm during the photo shoot, to near the mother. Moreover, if you find a family photographer, these things should not be an issue at all.

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If the newborn baby has older siblings, you can also do pictures with the newborn and the older children together. Depending on their age it can be hard to hold their attention, so good tip is to bring some toys they can play with once this part of the photo shoot is over. If the children are still very young, they will most likely be bored by sitting around the studio waiting. Alternatively, your partner can entertain them if he is not going to take part in the photos himself. Otherwise your natural newborn photo session could turn into a nightmare.

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A more traditional direction
As for the question of taking colour or black and white photos, it is of course a matter of your personal taste. I personally prefer black and white, as I think it makes the photos more artistic to look at. Furthermore, with a professional family photographer, you will see that you can actually have beautiful light in black and white photos.

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If you go for colour you should in my opinion go for somewhat softer tones, and neutral background without too much colour. This way you really make your child the centre piece of the newborn baby photography. Some people want photographs with the family pet and the newborn together. Unless your dog is extremely calm and obedient I would not recommend this. It is hard enough to control the newborn and perhaps a toddler on the side as well.

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Then add an animal into the equation, and you could be in for some real stress. Trust me this is not what you want from your newborn baby photography photo shoot. Ask any family photographer this, and I’ll bet you they will tell you the same thing. The photographs of your newborn should show the calm baby undisturbed. A sleeping newborn can be so beautiful when photographed, and it will give you a memory for the rest of your life.

Play the dress up game

As we are currently coming in to the European carnival season it is perhaps tempting to think of such a theme for your newborn photography, however in my opinion it is too soon. If our child really is a new born baby, you had better save all the fun dressing up for later. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future as your child grows older. You will get to see a little princess or pirate posing for the camera soon enough. And by then you can pay a visit to your family photographer and get some awesome pictures of the whole thing. Until then a peaceful and natural newborn baby photography photoshoot will serve your needs.

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On the other side this does not mean that you should let go of themes entirely. Have you thought about a flower theme for instance? Even though it is still pretty cold outside spring is just around the corner. This means that trees and flowers will start growing and blooming again. And isn’t that also a nice image in relation to your newborn baby? The newborn baby will grow and blossom just like the plants coming out from their winter hiding places.

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It is of course up to you how much you want to elaborate this theme when you do the actual newborn baby photography. It could be some colourful decorations in the background. Or maybe a vase with freshly blooming daffodils. These will be in season any moment now. Or it could be some soft pink or white rose peddles strewn across a table on which the newborn is sleeping on a pillow. Quite simply allow yourself to be creative here.

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Go for the pro
The best thing about hiring a professional newborn baby photographer is that the photographer will listen to your ideas. And not only listen but also make suggestions on how to improve the photo shoot and your overall experience with natural newborn baby photography. The photographer’s first job is to make you and your newborn baby feel comfortable in the setting. Before you achieve this, no good photos can be made. Luckily the professional photographer knows exactly how to make this happen. You and your newborn baby will be in good hands when you book a photo shoot.

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